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Attending a Training Class in Microsoft Teams with Mural

We want you to be able to get the most out of your training and for that we need to take care of some homework and some prep-work. Please follow the flow below, and try to do everything.

Table of Contents

5 - Read and Review

For most of our training, the above items are enough for you to get a lot out of the training. Please consider that we have two desired outcomes. The first is to teach you what Scrum, Kanban, or DevOps is, how it should be used, and why. The second is to help you implement Scrum, Kanban, & DevOps inside of your organisation. Our trainers will be dogmatic on the rules, but pragmatic on the implementation. 

4 - Prepare your Workstation

Running & Participating in Live Virtual Classes is hard work. We do a lot to prepare our workstations and create the Murals and setup Teams. Its really important to us that you don’t have a bad experience. These are the thing that we have found help!

4.1 - Having the right equipment

  1. A computer capable of running Mural – Try out this example Mural
  2. A device capable of running Microsoft Teams – It is ok to join from a phone as long as we can see you.

4.2 - Getting Setup

  • Get MS Teams: https://aka.ms/getteams
  • For both Mac and Windows, it is recommended to install the app.
  • If you are joining from your phone, then please use the app from your store.
  • Microsoft Teams is totally OK with you joining from more than one device with the same login if that is how you get multiple screens. When you connect your second device make sure that you “join with audio off” so you don’t get feedback.

I have invited you to the MS Team for the Training, and you should have an email from noreply@email.teams.microsoft.com entitled “You have been added as a guest to in [TeamName]”. Please use the link “Open Microsoft Teams” in this email as it will accept the invitation.

  • You must use the same email that was invited to sign in.
  • Click on the link from the email to get to the right room.
  • If the email that you were invited on is a Microsoft 365 account then please use your corporate SSO to sign in. If your email is a Microsoft Account or a Google Account you will be prompted to sign-in using that system. The fallback sign-in method is a simple pass-code sent to your email.
  • Krisp Noise Canceling – This link gave you 2 months free! I have had a lawnmower outside my window and a dog barking in the same room and still my students heard only me!

3 - Familiarise yourself with MS Teams

If you want to have a profile picture in Teams, please set a Gravatar – Globally Recognized Avatars on the email provided! 

2 - Familiarise yourself with Mural

1 - Ready to Go!

We look forward to seeing you!


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