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Our Approach to Developers

We focus on engineering excellence.

Not only do Developers need the technical mastery necessary to understand Clean Code and Continuous Delivery that is required for modern software delivery. They also need communication skills necessary to work together and closely with the customer. We focus on both of these outcomes as necessary or as requested by the teams and their organisation. 

Training for Developers

Course Title Cert Course Type Duration
Applying Professional Kanban
Kanban (ProKanban.org Certified) 2 Days
Applying Professional Scrum (APS)
Scrum (Scrum.org Certified) Professional Scrum Master I Certification 2 Days
Applying Professional Scrum for Software Development (APS-SD)
Scrum (Scrum.org Certified) Applying Professional Scrum for Software Delivery Certification 3 Days
Assuring Quality Using Azure Test Plans
Azure DevOps 1 Day
Continuous Delivery Using Azure DevOps Services
Azure DevOps 2 Days
Engineering Practices
Engineering 1 Day
Mastering Azure Repos
Azure DevOps 1 Day

All of our prices and rates are listed in our Terms of Business.

Why Developers engage us!

We believe that every company deserves high quality software delivered on a regular cadence that meets its customers needs. Our goal is to help you reduce your cycle time, improve your time to market, and minimise any organisational friction in achieving your goals.

Martin has been a Microsoft MVP in DevOps and has been delivering software professionally for 20 years. We still ship software, Azure DevOps Migration Tools, and know what it takes to deliver high-quality software on a regular cadence. We have worked with the Azure DevOps teams at Microsoft for 12 years, and more recently with the nice folks at Github. While we never tell a software engineer how to write code, we are experts in the engineering excellence that it takes to build usable products on a regular cadence.

To help our clients understand the value, we add we will help them create a hypothesis for experimental learning and measures to gauge success. We aim to help organisations learn, evolve, and adapt so that they can continuously improve independently and no longer need external training and coaching.