The fallacy of the rejected backlog item

Martin Hinshelwood 13 July, 2020

To my understanding there is a frustrating misunderstanding of reality when one thinks that the Product Owner can reject a single story at the Sprint Review. This is the fallacy of the rejected backlog item…

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Luddites have no place in the modern organisation

Martin Hinshelwood 6 July, 2020

In our Professional Agile Leadership training, we talk about changing your organisations hiring practices to hire more of the right sort of people to create the company that you want, not the company that you have. Hire the right people…

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Many organisations are lured to SAFe by the song of the Sirens

Martin Hinshelwood 1 July, 2020

These Sirens take advantage of the lack of understanding of what business agility is trying to change and lures unsuspecting C-suite executives into parting with their cash for what is effectively someone else’s business process. They are…

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80% of communication is non-verbal

Martin Hinshelwood 28 June, 2020

In light of the new normal and the last 20 years of technological progress, we need to re-define co-location as we no longer need to be in the same room as each other to get the 80% of…

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Configuring Microsoft Teams for Live Virtual Training

Martin Hinshelwood 22 June, 2020

Like most tools, if you want to run successful training in Microsoft Teams you need to do some homework and some configuration before your class. You can just jump in and wing it, but that will not provide a good…

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Live Virtual Classroom’s and the new normal

Martin Hinshelwood 18 June, 2020

With the change in business model in the current crisis, many training organizations have had to do the unthinkable and move to Live Virtual training options. Existing wisdom was that training online, just as running teams virtually would be a…

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Live Site Culture & Site Reliability Engineering

Martin Hinshelwood 17 June, 2020

As more and more organisations move towards a higher degree of agility, they inevitably also move towards DevOps practices like Continuous Delivery to facilitate shortening the feedback loops. Firms today experience a much higher velocity of business change. Market…

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The Tyranny of Taylorism and how to detect Agile BS

Martin Hinshelwood 1 April, 2020

​  Something very close to my heart is helping folks understand the origin of the practices that are commonly used in management today. I feel that only with an understanding of history can we figure out how to change the…

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