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Corporate Training – Private, In-House Courses

Our private corporate training courses provide a customised experience that is tailored for your organisation to maximise value.

Elevate Your Team's Performance with NKDAgility's Agile & DevOps Training!

At NKDAgility.com, we’re committed to driving efficiency, collaboration, and innovation in your organization through our specialized Agile and DevOps training. Our programs are expertly designed to elevate your team’s performance in the rapidly evolving business world.

Our seasoned trainers delve deep into Agile, Scrum, and DevOps methodologies, customizing the curriculum to align with your specific organizational challenges and goals. This training empowers your team to foster a culture of continuous improvement, streamline task management, and accelerate product delivery.

Our comprehensive curriculum covers the core principles of Agile, including Scrum, Kanban, and Lean, and integrates essential DevOps practices. Suitable for all team sizes and types, from agile startups to established enterprises, our training equips your team with the necessary skills to excel in a competitive market.

We offer unmatched flexibility in learning formats, providing both online and in-person options. Whether you choose the convenience of a digital classroom or the hands-on experience of physical training, our courses are designed to ensure active group participation and interactive learning.

By participating in our Agile and DevOps training, your team will not only master these frameworks but also learn to apply them effectively, enhancing teamwork, operational efficiency, and driving forward-thinking innovation.

Invest in your team’s success and stay ahead in the game with NKDAgility’s Agile and DevOps training programs. Sign up today and transform your team into a powerhouse of efficiency and innovation!

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Our Training and Courses:

Our training courses are certified by Scrum.org, ProKanban.org, & Accentient. We always work with the highest quality accredited trainers and all our trainers have inductry experinace and are considered industry experts.

Scrum Training Courses

Interactive, activity-based training in Professional Scrum and complementary practices for various learning levels, roles and needs. NKDAgility offers professional Scrum training, and professional Scrum training courses that Scrum.org accredits.

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Kanban Training Courses

Training courses and workshops to help you implement a Kanban strategy and maximise the flow of value to your end users. Visualise your work in process, and process, and continuously adapt to a process that best suits your needs. ProKanban.org accredits our Kanban training.

Azure DevOps Training Courses

NKDAgility has proven expertise in working with Visual Studio & Azure DevOps.

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