The rates, terms, and conditions that naked Agility Ltd. are proud to operate by

Thanks for choosing naked Agility Ltd. Our mission is to delight our customers with our knowledge, expertise, and professionalism in delivering onsite consulting and training. Our private consulting and training is provided onsite and is governed by our consulting Terms of Business described here.

NOTE: Due to the volatility of the GBP all invoices will be in EUR

Engagement Models

We provide a number of engagemnt models to suit based on your location, and needs.

Private Consulting & Training

Try before you buy We are so confident that you will want to retain our consulting services that our initial first day consultation rate will only be charged if you retain our services. Minimising your risk is very important to us, so for engagements greater than 5 days we give you the option to cancel after the first day onsite if you feel that we are incompatible with your organisation. At that point we can call it quits and only T&E would be due.

Prices are variable based on length of commitment and agreements around travel, expenses, & training and are for illustrative purposes only.

Prices Starting from:

Type Rate (GBP) Rate (EUR) Rate (USD)
Consulting 1,395 1,595 1,895
Training 2,990 3,390 3,990

Note: All rates are subject to commercial considerations.
Note: All rates are exclusive of Travel and Expenses.
Note: All rates are exclusive of IP ownership for software and documentation.
Note: Time based reporting may add 40% risk mitigation for IR35.
Note: Additional per student costs apply depending on the training.
Note: To be fair to all regions we offer discounted rates to secondary and tertiary.

Pre-Paid Consulting

We understand that sometimes our customers need shorter term help. To support this we offer pre-paid hours in blocks of 7 (at the standard consulting rate above) that can be purchased by the customer. We will add a credit to your account that can be used by contacting naked Agility Ltd and scheduling remote time with one of our consultants. We will always endeavour to respond quickly, however, as we may be onsite with other customers we may not be able to schedule quickly.

Supporting the World

In an effort to help the world build better softare and to meet this goal with greater professionalism, reliability, quality, and value we offer training and consulting at lower rates in non-primary markets.

Primary Markets

Australia, Austria, Belgium, Canada, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Korea, Luxembourg, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Sweden, Switzerland, United Kingdom, United States

Non-Primary Markets

All countries not listed as primary

Private Onsite Training

Onsite private training costs vary depending on the course being delivered and do not include T&E. A booking fee of the base 12 students rate would be invoiced up front to secure dates. The booking fee will be deducted from the final cost + T&E and will be invoiced by the end of the training or the week in which the training occurs, whichever comes first, and unless otherwise agreed is due upon recipt.

Prices are variable based on length of commitment and agreements around travel, expenses, & training and are for illustrative purposes only.

Prices Starting from:

Scrum & DevOps Training Course Fees [GBP]
Course Length max students per class Public Rate[1]
12 16 20 24
Professional Agile Leadership (PAL-e) Essentials 2 9,980 11,980 14,980 18,980 995
Professional Scrum Foundations (PSF) 2 9,980 11,980 14,980 18,980 995
Professional Scrum Master (PSM) 2 9,980 11,980 14,980 18,980 1,295
Professional Scrum with User Experiance (PSU) 2 9,980 11,980 14,980 18,980 1,295
Professional Scrum With Kanban (PSK) 2 9,980 11,980 14,980 18,980 1,295
Scaled Professional Scrum 2 9,980 11,980 14,980 18,980 1,295
Professional Software Delivery with Scrum (PSD) 3 14,470 17,470 21,470 26,470 2,255
Technical (DevOps | VSTS | Git) 1 3,890 4,890 6,890 9,890 595
Technical (DevOps | VSTS | Git) 2 8,780 10,780 13,780 17,780 1,295
Technical (DevOps | VSTS | Git) 3 13,470 16,470 20,470 25,470 2,255
Technical (DevOps | VSTS | Git) 5 19,950 24,950 30,950 38,950 3,750

Note: All rates are subject to commercial considerations.
Note: All rates are exclusive of Travel and Expenses (All rates are exclusive of VAT).
Note: Time based reporting may add 40% risk mitigation for IR35.
Note: Additional per student costs apply depending on the training.
Note: To be fair to all regions we offer discounted rates to secondary and tertiary.

[1]Public course rates apply per student for public classes

NOTE: Trainer rates are exclusive of Travel & Expenses (All rates are exclusive of VAT)

NOTE: For private courses all students must be from the same company. Additional attendees from the same company at incremental per student fee.

Note For technical courses all students are expected to bring their own computers that meet the prerequisites provided.

Note The customer will be expected to provide consumables, for example; 4×3 cards, Post-it notes, whiteboards / easels and pads.

Training Organisations (PTN or Other)

We work with a number of Professional Training Netowkr (PTN) members around the world to provide public classes. For 3rd party compnaies we require that you pay up front for the number of days that you want to book to secure them in our schedule. Our rates are flexible based on geographical and economic regions around the world.
General workflow is:

  1. We agree a schedule of classes for the next 12 months and review every 6 months and you pre-pay the training day rate.
  2. 8 weeks before a class you confirm the dates. I then book Flights and Hotel.
  3. We deliver the class for up to 12 (you can add additional students as above)
  4. After the class I invoice for T&E and additional students.
Days Booking Fee (GBP)
1 2,980
2 5,960
3 8,940
4 11,920
5 14,900

Note: All rates are exclusive of Travel and Expenses
Note: Booking fee does not include courseware fees
Note: Courseware fees are due on the last day of training and can be paid directly
Note: Cancelling within 8 weeks will result in a fee of all non-refundable T&E plus 50% of the booking fee.
Note: Additional students can be purchased at the same rate as the Private Classes above


naked Agility Ltd will submit electronic invoices upon completion of the engagement or monthly, whichever comes first. Unless otherwise agreed, all invoices are payable within seven (7) days of receipt. naked Agility Ltd reserves the right to charge interest at 8%* above bank base rate on overdue accounts.

This figure will reflect UK Government guidelines for Late commercial payments: charging interest and debt recovery.

Travel & Expenses (T&E)

If travel is required, naked Agility Ltd will invoice travel & expenses upon completion of the engagement or monthly, whichever comes first. Associated travel and expenses for each onsite week will be invoiced as actual expenses for air, lodging, and ground transportation. Per diem will be billed at 35 GBP per day or actual expenses.

naked Agility Ltd will endeavour to minimise the cost of travel and expenses where possible however our consultants have family’s and do expect to be home at the weekend. This is however sometimes not possible or counter productive. We are based in Scotland and engagements outside Europe will generally require that consultants do not travel home at the weekend.

note It may be more cost effective for the customer to book travel and accommodation.

Cancellation Policy

You may cancel or reschedule an engagement fifteen (15) or more business days prior to the engagement at no charge. If cancellation occurs ten (10) to fourteen (14) business days prior to the engagement date(s), you will incur a cancellation fee equal to 20% of the engagement price. You are responsible for paying 100% of the engagement price if you cancel nine (9) business days or less prior to the engagement dates.

Please note that cancellation fees will not be credited to any other engagements. naked Agility Ltd will always accommodate movement of engagement dates whenever possible.

Privacy & Confidentiality

We will always protect the privacy and confidentially of our customers at all times. We also believe that it is important to spread knowledge. We stake our reputation on the knowledge that we have and the advice we give and we practice naked consulting wherever possible. Just as you benefit from posts our consultants write when they are working elsewhere, its probably how you found us, others can benefit from what we learn when working with you.

If we spot sub-optimal process behaviours or technical faults that are not unique to you that we feel the wider community will benefit from being warned about them, we write a blog post. If we encounter technical issues or problems that others might also encounter, we blog about them. Ultimately our preferred situation is that all of our customers are able to solve all their issues by finding the answer, for free, online. That way we can focus in solving the really hard stuff, and documenting it.

Our consultants take great pains to make sure that no identifiable information is contained in the blog posts they write. They scrub screenshots and use generalities of the industry. While you may still see yourself in the blog posts, rest assured that everyone else in your industry is thinking the same things… “Was this us?”

If you want to pre-moderate each post that’s OK too. If you find you want to post moderate we can accommodate (default position). And if you want to write a post yourself we would be happy to have you guest post on our site.

Engagement Owner

The customer will provide an Engagement Owner who can commit to providing timely responses to help facilitate a smooth engagement. This person should have access to knowledgeable individuals to ensure quick resolution of any questions and decisions during the engagement.

Engagement Backlog & Change Management

At all times naked Agility Ltd will endeavour to meet your needs and as such we want to provide flexibility. As such we will create a backlog prior to the engagement. During the engagement we will work through as much of the backlog as possible in the time available. At any time the Engagement Owner is free to refine the backlog in consultation with our consultants.

Knowledge Transfer

In order to facilitate knowledge transfer, naked Agiity will work alongside your team to ensure we are transferring knowledge throughout the course of the engagement. We will encourage your team to be involved where appropriate, and will look for regular opportunities to provide informal training and demonstrations.

Equipment Requirements

Our consultants bring their own equipment onsite and store all of their documents and files in Office 365. They generally need public network access for Phone and Tablet with private network access for Laptops. Our hardware run the latest version of all software, including OS, with all possible patches applied. They all also run Microsoft approved Antivirus and Antispyware with encrypted data. Our consultants need to work fast and secure and as such always run on the latest hardware. We often replace hardware on a yearly basis to maintain the highest performance and productivity, and the specks are the highest possible to achieve in the relevant form factor.

All estimates are based on consultants being able to use their own equipment and collaborate through Office 365.

Technical Requirements

For technical consulting engagements naked Agility Ltd will need access to your servers and service accounts. Please make sure that these and any other technical requirements specific to conducting work onsite at your place of business are available in a timely manor.

Code, Scripting, & IP

Our consultants do not work for you, they work for us. Our primary business is DevOps and Agility (yours is not) and we retain the IP and ownership of all work undertaken onsite or remote. Customers shall be granted a perpetual, but not exclusive, licence to use and modify anything that we create for them.

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