Agile Delivery Kit for Software Organisations


How to work in an agile way. This starter kit provides the strategies, recipes. workshops, technologies, practices, and guides that will help you and your people create a way of work that enables success.


Agile Delivery Kit for Software Organisations



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This kit provides examples and suggestions of the strategies, recipes. workshops, technologies, practices, and guides that will help you be successful. Where posable these pages will use the terminology from the guides referenced here.

To enable the offer we have use these catagories to group the relevant content:

  • Strategies - a plan of action designed to achieve a long-term or overall aim
  • Recipes - a set of instructions which are likely to lead to a particular outcome
  • Technologies - the application of scientific knowledge for practical purposes
  • Practices - the actual application or use of an idea, belief, or method, as opposed to theories relating to it
  • Guides - These guides are published and recognized guides to a topic.

How to use this content

This content represents a starting point, or SDK, to help organisations kickstart creating their own way-of-working based on emergent lean-agile practices.

All of this content represents a baseline starting point for any Product delivery team or organisation. You can modify as needed within the bounds of your business context without breaking the core mindset.

Rules are for the guidance of wise people and the obedience of fools
Adam Cogan

If you would like to create your own copy of this SDK we recommend that you fork the repository on GitHub so that you can continue to pull new changes and updates to the content.

Our best efforts have been made, rather than to dictate, to create a balance between autonomy required for self-management, and alignment required to maintain our business. In service to that we try to uphold the following values in all aspects of our work: Courage, Focus, Commitment, Openness, & Respect

We recommend that you always question the content here, and always ask if you can do something easier and simpler.

If so, do that!

Way of Working & First Principals

Creating a collaborative, decentralized, and democratized way-of-working is an important part of developing a process and you should involve everyone that you expect to use it. People will not buy into your process unless its their process too. We operate in a highly competative and dynamic market

he first key understanding is that there are no companies left that are in low competition markets with few customer demands. Those complicated markets have not existed since the 70s and all companies today have to deal with highly competitive markets with high customer demand and churn.

These core first principals, routed in empiricism, are at the heart of this document:

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Whitepapers & Presentations

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Reasons why agile often fails (anti-patterns)

  • Unprofessional Behaviour - We need to stop normalising unprofessional behaviour and call it out whenever we hear it.
  • The Hero - The Hero takes it upon him or herself to be the saviour.
  • The Eye Roller - The Eye Roller sees Scrum as unnecessary and vocally complains about using it, falling just short of refusing to participate.
  • The Avoider - The Avoider uses the letter of their perceived law in their defence.
  • The Absent Product Owner - The Absent Product Owner is frequently too busy to attend to their responsibilities as prescribed by Scrum.
  • The 90 Percenter - The 90 Percenter is frequently “almost done” with whatever they are working on.

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