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Agile & DevOps Training

Our Professional Scrum and DevOps trainers help teams and leaders catalyse a mindset shift towards modern management and engineering practices.

While training can’t be used to enact change on its own, it can be used to plant the seeds that you need to grow an agile mindset within your organisation. 

Our Training Approach

Our trainers are all accredited from Scrum.org or Accentient and have the expertise backing it through long experience in delivering valuable outcomes to customers.

The trainer will facilitate a team-based collaborative learning experience that is designed by some of the best minds in Agility & DevOps to plant the seeds of an agile mindset and tackle some of the hard questions.

The courseware is designed to elicit conversations between participants on the hard truths of moving from traditional management practices to empirical management practices. Special attention is paid to the known and common misunderstandings of agility as well as the ideas that are usually swept away under the pressures of “how we do things here”.

To learn and adapt together it is important that all relevant levels of the organisation participate in the same training, as the realisations are profound. All organisations are different in terms of which ways of working are effective for them. Our training will help your people explore those options in an environment within which it is safe to fail.

What do you get?


Level-set of everyone on the ideas and practices of agility and how they can be applied.


Participants gain practical experience through team-based simulation exercises.


The hard truths discussed and realised.


A clear way forward to enact the new techniques and practices discussed.

Who is the training for?

Why Choose Us

We have trained over 1000 students and have an NPS of over 30. Our Trustpilot rating is 4.9 stars and is based on every student that has taken one of our Scrum.org classes.

All of our trainers are Professional Scrum Trainers or Microsoft MVP’s and are widely regarded as experts in the field. We know that there is no way of working that suits every organisation. We train in many different ways of working and coach our clients to choose the one(s) that they believe will help them the and the rest of the organisation improve.

To help our clients understand the value, we add we will help them create a hypothesis for experimental learning and measures to gauge success. We aim to help organisations learn, evolve, and adapt so that they can continuously improve independently and no longer need external training and coaching.4.9