We help organisations dynamically adapt to market needs!

We are for software organisations and software teams!

We will guide you in moving to a multi-method approach to agility that moves beyond a simple defined process to something more co-evolutionary and highly adaptive to provide a better flow of value for your stakeholders.

Our expertise in Lean, Agile, DevOps, Scrum, and Kanban drives supports you in optimising the value to your customers and maximising your revenue.

An agnostic aproach to agility that enables effective business outcomes.

Our Mentor Programs

Product Management

In the rapidly evolving landscape of product development, mastering Agile practices and leadership is not just an advantage; it’s a necessity. NKD Agility’s comprehensive Product Owner and Product Manager Mentoring Program is your gateway to transforming aspiring individuals into visionary product leaders who drive exceptional outcomes in a dynamic market.

Product Development

In the dynamic landscape of product development, where engineering excellence meets the relentless pace of innovation, integrating Agile methodologies, DevOps practices, and platform engineering principles is critical. NKD Agility’s advanced Product Development Mentor Program is designed to empower engineers and product managers alike. It aims to transform them into adept leaders who can navigate the complexities of modern product engineering, ensuring their teams deliver cutting-edge, robust solutions that thrive in a competitive market.

Our Training Programs

Immersion Program

Empowering growth through Incremental learning, outcome-based assignements, and facilitated reflections. See the change in your organisation.

Professional Kanban Trainer Badge

Kanban Training Courses

Optimize value flow with our ProKanban.org accredited Kanban training courses and workshops. Learn to visualize work-in-progress and adapt processes for maximum efficiency.

Scrum Training Courses

Master complexity our Scrum.org-accredited Professional Scrum training courses and workshops. Learn to apply empiricism to maximise the value of the work done.

Our aproaches use the latest agile and lean practices to help your improve.

Online Learning

Our live, interactive, online training classes are delivered remotely as public or private in-house training over Microsoft Teams & Mural. All our training includes additional coaching, follow-up sessions, and self-paced learning opportunities.

Agile Training

We have access to over 350+ Professional Scrum trainers in our who have been selected by Scrum.org to be able to teach Scrum, Kanban, UX, Engineering Excellence, and Agile Leadership.

Evolving your organisation requires profund change to help you deeply understand your customers, radically improve your organisational health, and rapidly adapt to changing market demands.

Training by Role

We recommend training based on your accountabilities or role, you can go directly to recommended courses for Scrum MastersProduct OwnersDevelopers and Agile Leaders.

Coach the Coaches

Expertly trained Scrum Masters and coaches are critical to your company’s business agility. To support this, we can also provide coaching for coaches working to sustain high-performance teams and enable organisational change.

Agile Consulting

Our coaches use evidence-based hypothesis-driven ideation and discovery techniques within an empirical process to help your organisation validate its efforts in delivering the highest possible return on investment.

Our Agile and Leadership coaches help leaders and teams create clear organisational strategies with goals for success. We have access to over 350+ Professional Scrum trainers, 60+ Professional Kanban trainers, and 60+ DevOps experts. 

Azure DevOps Migrations

As the creators of the Azure DevOps Migration Tools, we consult for and help deliver migrations for companies all over the world. Find out how we can help you with your migrations.

Our DevOps consultants work with organisations to help them get the most out of their DevOps strategy and maximise its effectiveness. Enabling you to Automate, scale, and modernize product engineering with DevOps. We have deep expertise in Azure DevOps and Github.