We help organisations dynamically adapt to market needs!

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We will guide you in moving to a multi-method approach to agility that moves beyond a simple defined process to something more co-evolutionary and highly adaptive to provide a better flow of value for your stakeholders.

Our expertise in Lean, Agile, DevOps, Scrum, and Kanban drives supports you in optimising the value to your customers and maximising your revenue.

How Usable Working Products Are Your Ultimate Weapon Against Risks

The only way to mitigate risk when employing Agile practices is by continuously delivering a usable working product. Agile is not about spinning the hamster wheels but delivering shippable increments that users can interact with.

What we do?

Explore our comprehensive range of services and capabilities designed to empower organizations and teams. With our expert solutions, you can efficiently address and resolve immediate challenges, driving success across your operations.

Product Management Mentor Program

In the rapidly evolving landscape of product development, mastering Agile practices and leadership is not just an advantage; it’s a necessity. NKD Agility’s comprehensive Product Owner and Product Manager Mentoring Program is your gateway to transforming aspiring individuals into visionary product leaders who drive exceptional outcomes in a dynamic market.

Private Corporate Training

Elevate your team’s performance with our Private Corporate Training! Tailored specifically to your organization’s needs, our courses cover everything from Lean Agile practices such as Scrum, Kanban, and DevOps to hands-on tools training in Azure DevOps, GitHub, and Copilot AI.

Evidence-based Leadership

Unlock your potential with Evidence-Based Leadership. Transform decision-making, enhance credibility, and achieve better outcomes with proven strategies and data-driven insights.

Azure DevOps Migration Help

NKDAgility’s Azure DevOps Migration Tools allow you to merge, split, or move Work Items, Test Plans, Pipelines, Queries, & Teams. Get professional help.

NKD Insights™

Naked Insights™ is a pioneering tool that helps teams improve by continuously illuminating the quality of their teamwork based on scientific insights. It can diagnose one or many teams, receive evidence-based feedback, and resolve broader organizational issues.

Business Agility Consulting

Our Agile consultants work with organisations to resolve problems and seize opportunities. We collaborate with leaders to identify what successful outcomes look like.

Product Development Mentoring

Our NKDAgility’s Product Development Mentor Program now integrates DevOps, platform engineering, and agile methodologies to foster engineering excellence in a modern, holistic approach.

DevOps Technology Consulting

Struggling with your Azure DevOps setup? Whether you’re debating a single project or multiple small ones, don’t let architecture complexities slow you down. Click here to discover how our DevOps Technology Consulting can simplify your processes and boost your efficiency!

Skills Development Training

Boost your team's capabilities with our Skills Development Training! Our interactive, activity-based sessions cover Agile, Scrum, Kanban, DevOps, and complementary practices, tailored for learners of all levels and roles. Enhance your professional skills and meet your unique needs with our dynamic training approach.

What do you get?

We empower organizations to achieve unparalleled success in today’s dynamic market. Our proven strategies enhance Team Effectiveness, deliver Higher Quality Products, and foster a culture of Continuous Improvement. Discover how our tailored approaches can significantly reduce your Time to Market and boost Market Adaptability, setting your business apart. Explore the transformative outcomes we offer and see why companies trust NKDAgility to elevate their performance and thrive in competitive environments.

Increase Team Productivity

Elevate your project management and operational efficiency with our top-tier Agile and DevOps strategies. Streamline your workflows, reduce time to deployment, and ensure superior product quality through continuous feedback and adaptive planning. Ready to transform your team into a high-performing powerhouse? Our tools and methodologies are your gateway to enhanced productivity and innovation.

Who do we help?

We help teams by enhancing their collaboration and efficiency through tailored Agile practices, enabling them to deliver high-quality products swiftly. We assist entrepreneurs by equipping them with Agile tools and methodologies that streamline operations and adapt quickly to market demands, fostering innovation and growth. We support Lean-Agile practitioners by providing advanced resources and training to refine their skills and maximize their impact on organizational success. Lastly, we empower leaders by offering strategic insights and leadership development programs that transform their decision-making abilities and strengthen their ability to guide their teams toward achieving exceptional outcomes.

Product Managers

The Product Manager is a key position that sets the tone for product leadership and the definition of success in the organization. They are expected to use modern product management practices and mindsets daily.


Unlock your team’s full potential with our expert guidance! We specialize in empowering teams to enhance their effectiveness through proven Agile strategies. Discover how our tailored approach can transform your team’s dynamics, boost productivity, and drive outstanding results.


Developers are the people in the Scrum Team who are committed to creating any aspect of a usable increment for each Sprint. The specific skills needed by the Developers are often broad and will vary with the domain of work.

Lean-Agile Practitioners

Take your Lean-Agile practice to the next level with our specialized support! We equip Lean-Agile practitioners with advanced tools, strategies, and insights to enhance their efficiency and effectiveness. Whether you’re refining processes or driving innovation, our expert guidance ensures you achieve and sustain peak performance in all your Agile endeavors.


Empower your leadership with our targeted training and support! We provide leaders with the tools and insights they need to excel in today’s fast-paced environment. Enhance your decision-making, improve team dynamics, and drive organizational success with our expert guidance.


Supercharge your entrepreneurial journey with our Agile-driven strategies! We help entrepreneurs streamline their operations, rapidly adapt to market demands, and deliver customer-centric products faster. Discover how our Agile expertise can elevate your business to new heights of efficiency and innovation.

Our Training Programs

Immersion Program

Empowering growth through Incremental learning, outcome-based assignements, and facilitated reflections. See the change in your organisation.

Professional Kanban Trainer Badge

Kanban Training Courses

Optimize value flow with our ProKanban.org accredited Kanban training courses and workshops. Learn to visualize work-in-progress and adapt processes for maximum efficiency.

Scrum Training Courses

Master complexity our Scrum.org-accredited Professional Scrum training courses and workshops. Learn to apply empiricism to maximise the value of the work done.