naked Agility with Martin Hinshelwood

naked Agility Ltd. is a professional company that offers a unique blend of consulting, coaching, training, mentoring and facilitation to help people and teams evolve, integrate and continuously improve. Above all else we value :

Courage | Commitment | Focus | Respect | Openness

Our Network

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Professional Scrum Trainers, Coaches, & Consultants
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Professional Kanban Trainers, Coaches, & Consultants.
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Industry recognised experts in Azure & DevOps

Every single one of our consultants, coaches and trainers is recognised as an industry leader by, or Microsoft. We may transparently bring in other folks on their journey to these accolades.

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We have access to the largest cadre of professional trainers, coaches, and experts in the world!

We find the best fit for your organisation from our trainers, coaches, and experts in over 200 countries around the world to deliver the best fit for your organisation and to challenge existing cultural norms to improve effectiveness.


Our Courses

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Live Virtual Professional Scrum Product Owner Advanced on 10th October 2022 online over 4 half days
10 – 13 Oct, 2022
13:00-16:30 BST
Week: 41
Live Virtual Professional Scrum Product Owner (PSPO) Experience on 7th November 2022 online over 4 half-days
Professional Scrum Product Owner (PSPO)
Public Intermediate Training
7 – 10 Nov, 2022
09:00-13:00 GMT
Week: 45
Live Virtual Applying Professional Scrum Minecraft on  12th December 2022
Applying Professional Scrum (APS)
Public Beginner Training
12 – 15 Dec, 2022
14:00-17:30 GMT
Week: 50

Our Services

Agile Training

We have access to over 350+ Professional Scrum trainers in our who have been selected by to be able to teach Scrum, Kanban, UX, Engineering Excellence, and Agile Leadership.

Our Agile consultants work with organisations to resolve problems and seize opportunities. We collaborate with leaders to identify what successful outcomes look like.  

Agile Coaching

Our Agile and Leadership coaches help leaders and teams create clear organisational strategies with goals for success. We have access to over 350+ Professional Scrum trainers, 60+ Professional Kanban trainers, and 60+ DevOps experts. 

DevOps Coaching

Our DevOps and Engineering Coaches work together with teams to improve their time to market, and make quality more than just an afterthought.

DevOps Consultancy

Our DevOps Consultants work to help resolve organisational issues and create successful outcomes.

Our trainers are recognised around the world as leaders in both DevOps and Agility. They deliver professional and accredited training virtually and in-person.

Our Approaches

Product Discovery

Our Product coaches use evidence-based hypothesis-driven ideation and discovery techniques within an empirical process to help your organisation validate its efforts in delivering the highest possible return on investment.

Product Development

Our Agile and Leadership coaches use evidence-based management practices to help you gather and analyse the key business and process data needed to assess the current state of your organisation. 

Our Team and Engineering coaches use lean and agile practices to help your organisation create an empirical process and increase the predictability of your flow of value delivery through proven techniques. 


We believe that every company deserves high quality software delivered on a regular cadence that meets its customers needs. Our goal is to help you reduce your cycle time, improve your time to market, and minimise any organisational friction in achieving your goals.

naked Agility Limited is a professional company that offers training, coaching, mentoring, and facilitation to help people and teams evolve, integrate, and continuously improve.

We recognise the positive impact that a happy AND motivated workforce, that has purpose, has on client experience. We help change mindsets towards a people-first culture where everyone encourages others to learn and grow. The resulting divergent thinking leads to many different ideas and opportunities for the success of the organisation.