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Russell Miller

Customer-Centric Leader | Product Owner / Product Manager

Russell Miller is a product development professional with expertise in lightweight agile product development concepts and practices. He uses product design and engineering experience, analysis skill, and agile process control principles to help clients solve problems and create value.

Trainer History

Russell’s History

Earlier in his career, Russell designed automobile engine components, flight control surfaces for luxury executive aircraft, airframe structures for hurricane hunting aircraft, and mechanical systems for air dominance fighter aircraft.

He later used his engineering experience and business analysis skills in delivery of value through of engineering software products. Using a servant-leadership approach and the Scrum framework, he became successful as a team builder, culture influencer, Scrum Master, Product Owner, coach, and trainer

Learning from Ken Schwaber, Jeff Sutherland, and many others, he has helped deliver value where others have failed.

Russell and his family live in a suburb of Atlanta, Georgia.

More about Russell Miller

Russell is an action-oriented visionary who leads the way for others in areas of incremental analysis, team formation, team collaboration, and agile practices for product development.

Today, Russell is responsible for helping clients create value through international custom product development initiatives, developing agile training, and implementing agile process control mechanisms.

Russell is a Scrum.org Professional Scrum Trainer. He teaches and coaches on subjects related to lightweight agile product development, Product Ownership, business analysis, and Scrum.

What do Russell’s Customers Say

“I’ve been working in Agile and Scrum environments for 10 years, this is the first time that all phases and roles of the Scrum process are truly clear to me. The class is designed extremely well to be able to quickly dissect and understand all the parts of this framework. Russell is a fantastic instructor, and took the time to not only connect me to the material, but also to speak directly to the challenges that I will face in guiding my organization to going beyond a Mechanical Scrum.”

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