Our DevOps consultants work with organisations to help them get the most out of their DevOps strategy and maximise its effectiveness.

We conduct health checks to assess your organisation’s current State of DevOps. We meld this discovery with our experience to advise changes to the existing ways of working, culture and tooling to achieve the objectives. We design training programs to educate teams and help them change. Following training, we can coach and mentor during the next evolution as everyone works towards achieving the outcomes. 

Our DevOps Consultancy Approach

Change is evolutionary, not transformational, and for that you and your people need to understand DevOps so that you and your people can continue to evolve your organisation. 

We use our knowledge and experience in evolutionary change, using the DevOps mindset and lean thinking, to help organisations achieve their outcomes. We work with leadership to identify the outcomes that they want to accomplish and train teams in the agile mindset and lean thinking. For any of the outcomes, we will work with you using evidence-based management techniques to define how we will measure success.

Using an evidence-based mindset, along with this definition of success, we will examine the maturity and health of the organisation. This can have many different elements and almost always include Innovation Rate, On-Product Index, Usage Index, and Installed Version Index, as these key measures are known to be lacking in most organisations.

We analyse the data to understand the current state and create and adapt any recommendations tailored to the organisation. These recommended changes may include processes, practices, tools, organisational dynamics and culture. We propose short, quick, incremental changes in the journey to achieving successful outcomes. Using an iterative approach allows us the flexibility to measure success continually and change direction if needed.

Our approaches use the latest DevOps and lean practices to help you improve.

DevOps Evolution

Evolving your organisation requires a profound change to help you deeply understand your customers, radically improve your organisational health, and rapidly adapt to changing market demands.

DevOps consulting Services

Your transition to DevOps is augmented by our DevOps consultants, with their DevOps Consulting Services, who comprehensively analyse your needs and help you visualize the results. Our consultants guide you through the entire DevOps process through great collaboration, emerging practices, and state-of-the-art tools, helping your organization achieve increased frequency and reliability of software releases.

Azure DevOps Migration Services

We are the original creators and primary contributors to the Azure DevOps Migration Tools, and we can provide custom Azure DevOps Migration Tools Consulting services.