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Simon Bourk

Professional Scrum Trainer, Master Integral Coach

Simon is a Software Developer, an Agile Coach and Professional Scrum Trainer from Ottawa. He earned an Electrical engineering degree with a minor in Software engineering as a sidekick of his babyfoot championship league and tournaments that he organized at the university pub during breaks.

Simon’s professional world was flipped upside down when a Scrum Master joins his waterfall team back in 2005. He was a miserable programmer in a dark cubicle suffering from other’s tantrum when he would fix their code. Being a Scrum team member for 5 years taught Simon the true potential of a high-performance team. Since then, Simon helps his clients experience how it feels to be part of a Professional Scrum Team and how it feels when the Agile Mindset is understood deeply across the organization. Simon is an energetic change agent.

It should be no surprise to see that the same young man who previously braved the coldest Canadian temperatures while teaching snowboard instructors has now become a recognized Agile Coach and Professional Scrum Trainer later in life. At this date, he helped 35+ teams, within 11 companies from the public sector and private sector, implementing the Scrum framework and embody the Agile values.

Teams love his energy and enthusiasm, while managers love his systemic approach of managing change within their organizations. Executives feel at peace by working with Simon, as he has a holistic understanding of their specific context, helping the different level so they can develop to more effective business and delight their clients.

Simon speaks, reads, writes fluently in English and in French.