Choosing a Process Template for your Team Project

Martin Hinshelwood 16 May, 2017

There was an interesting discussion on Agile vs Scrum Template for TFS 2012 on LinkedIn that I was interested in however LinkedIn has a bug and will not let me comment on that open group. So I will add my…

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Government Cloud First policy

Martin Hinshelwood 10 May, 2017

Why is it that while there is a Government Cloud First policy there are so much fear of cloud in the public sector? I have been working with a number of government and local council agencies in the UK and…

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Kalabule or a Professional at Agile in Africa

Martin Hinshelwood 27 October, 2016

Most software teams and their organisations are kalabule (cowboys) in an industry epidemic of lies and deceit. Find out if you are Kalabule or a Professional at Agile in Africa as we dive into what it means to be a…

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VSTS Sync Migration Tools

Martin Hinshelwood 26 October, 2016

VSTS Sync Migration Tools allow you to bulk edit data in TFS & VSTS. You can bulk edit work items in place, or even migrate Teams, Backlogs, Tasks, Test Cases, and Plans & Suits to a new TFS or VSTS…

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Migrating from Codeplex to Github

Martin Hinshelwood 2 March, 2016

Since Github is the place to keep your Open Source code I thought that I would migrate some of my CodePlex repos to GitHub. However it is a little more difficult than it looks on the surface…

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Moving OneDrive for Business files to a different drive

Martin Hinshelwood 3 February, 2016

I recent ran into a problem where my OneDrive files were taking up too much space on my main drive and preventing Windows 10 updates on the Insider Program. This works for both OneDrive consumer application and the new OnDrive…

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Agile in Africa 2016

Martin Hinshelwood 27 January, 2016

Last year I attended Agile In Africa, an event that I would list as the most fun event I have ever attended…

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