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Martin Hinshelwood

Rethinking ‘User Stories’: A Call for Clarity in Product Backlog Management

In the world of product development, the language we use can profoundly shape our approach to work. 🗣️ One term that I believe has been misused to the point of causing more harm than good is “User Stories”. 📚 In my latest blog post, I argue for a shift away from this term towards a more flexible and transparent framework for describing our work: “Product Backlog Items”. 🔄 This change can help us avoid the pitfalls of trying to force all our work into a user story format and ultimately lead to more effective product development. 💡 Join me as I delve into this topic and propose a new way of thinking about our work. 🚀 #ProductDevelopment #BacklogManagement

Measure & Learn
Martin Hinshelwood

Sculpting the Product Backlog: A Delicate Balance Between Lean Inventory and Future Readiness

Unravel the art of sculpting an effective Product Backlog in our latest blog post. Discover the significance of a lean inventory reflecting your product’s unrealized value, and the necessity of anticipating the future without clouding the backlog. We explore the essence of continuous reflection in calibrating the backlog, dissecting surprises, and turning them into invaluable insights. Just as sculptors chisel away to create masterpieces, learn how product managers can craft a Product Backlog that’s lean, comprehensible, and future-ready, thereby optimizing ROI for stakeholders.

Measure & Learn
Martin Hinshelwood

Navigating the Future with a Fine-Tuned Product Backlog

🔍 Discover the underpinnings of a transparent and promising future in Agile Product Management! My latest blog post explores the indispensable role of an ordered Product Backlog that is coherent, refined, and rightly sized.

People & Process
Martin Hinshelwood

From Unused Gym Memberships to Agile Implementation The Parallels of Misapplied Investments

🏋️‍♂️🔄 Agile Practices = Gym Memberships? Discover the unexpected connection in our latest article! Just as people sign up for gym memberships with good intentions but don’t always follow through, companies can adopt Agile methodologies without fully reaping the benefits. Learn how to avoid being stuck with an ‘unused membership’ and elevate your Agile game to its full potential.💡💪

Discovery & Ideation
Martin Hinshelwood

Storms of Neglect The Perils of Not Delivering Usable Products in Agile Iterations

⚡🌩️#StormsOfNeglect: The Cataclysmic Consequences of Ignoring Usable Products in Agile!🌩️⚡ What if I told you that neglecting usable working products in Agile is like navigating a stormy sea without a compass? 🌊🚢 If you think skipping usable products in iterations is harmless, brace yourself for the torrential downpour of woes it can unleash! From eroding stakeholder trust to the tsunami of technical debt, from getting engulfed in the quicksand of adaptability to the barren desert of feedback. It’s a whirlwind of compounding issues that no Agile team should weather! 🌪️💥 Dive in as I illuminate the catastrophic perils of neglecting usable working products when it should foster trust, alignment, adaptability, and quality! 🛡️⚙️

Measure & Learn
Martin Hinshelwood

How Usable Working Products Are Your Ultimate Weapon Against Risks

🚀💥#UsableWorkingProduct: Your Ultimate Weapon Against Risks in Agile💥🚀 ⚠️ Ever wondered why some Agile projects falter? Is your fortress of documentation crumbling against the relentless tides of market change? 🌊 Here’s the secret sauce – It’s all about Usable Working Products! 🎯🔧 Too many Agile teams are trapped in the illusion of progress without creating shippable products. It’s time to unleash the secret weapon against risks – deliver increments that users can interact with, validate, and provide feedback on! 🛠🚀


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