Migrating from Codeplex to Github

Martin Hinshelwood 2 March, 2016

Since Github is the place to keep your Open Source code I thought that I would migrate some of my CodePlex repos to GitHub. However it is a little more difficult than it looks on the surface…

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Moving OneDrive for Business files to a different drive

Martin Hinshelwood 3 February, 2016

I recent ran into a problem where my OneDrive files were taking up too much space on my main drive and preventing Windows 10 updates on the Insider Program. This works for both OneDrive consumer application and the new OnDrive…

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Agile in Africa 2016

Martin Hinshelwood 27 January, 2016

Last year I attended Agile In Africa, an event that I would list as the most fun event I have ever attended…

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Branch Policies for TFVC

Martin Hinshelwood 13 January, 2016

Have you looked enviously at the Branch Policy feature for Git in TFS or VSTS? Are you stuck on TFVC? How would you implement Branch Policies on TFVC? Find out…

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Professional Scrum Courses for 2016 in Oslo, Norway

Martin Hinshelwood 6 January, 2016

To implement good DevOps strategies you need to get planning and organisation out of the way of people so that they can focus on delivering value. The value of Scrum is cutting through the chaos and reducing the risk, side…

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The High of Release

Martin Hinshelwood 5 December, 2015

Just a week or so ago I was at Microsoft Future Decoded event in London to talk about the new Release Management tools that will be made available at Connect() and that might make it in to TFS 2015 Update…

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