Introducing Kanban for Professional Scrum Teams

Martin Hinshelwood 26 February, 2018

A few weeks ago I was in Boston to visit the offices and learn to teach the Professional Scrum with Kanban (PSK) training class co-taught by Steve Porter and Daniel Vacanti. This is a new Professional Scrum…

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Work can flow across the Sprint boundary

Martin Hinshelwood 30 January, 2018

There is nothing in the Scrum Guide that says that you can’t have workflow across the Sprint boundary. I’m going to suggest that not only can you, but you should as long as you don’t endanger the…

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Create your own path to Organisational Agility

Martin Hinshelwood 11 January, 2018

Other scaled agile frameworks employ a cookie cutter approach to organisational agility. While I accept that they may have worked somewhere once, the likelihood that the same approach will work in your organisation is small. They were created to get…

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Getting started with a Definition of Done (DoD).

Martin Hinshelwood 4 January, 2018

In my last post about Professional software teams creating working software David Corbin made a good point. How do you determining what “Free from fault or defect” means? Since that is different for each Product and may change over time…

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The fallacy of the rejected backlog item

Martin Hinshelwood 13 December, 2017

To my understanding there is a frustrating misunderstanding of reality when one thinks that the Product Owner can reject a single story at the Sprint Review. This is the fallacy of the rejected backlog item…

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You are doing it wrong if you are not using test first

Martin Hinshelwood 10 December, 2017

Many teams are struggling with delivering modern software because they are not building with Test First principals. Test First gives us the assurance that we have built the correct thing, that what we built is what the customer asked for…

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