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Blog: A wee dram of Scrum, Agility, & DevOps!

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#1 tip for a new Scrum Master

#1 tip for a new Scrum Master It’s Back to Basics Greetings, Scrum enthusiasts! 🙌 Let’s dive straight into my #1 tip for a new

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Momentum Driving Force Behind Every Successful Team 🚀 Have you ever wondered about ‘momentum’? When we hear the word ‘momentum,’ what comes to mind? For

Discipline versus motivation?

Discipline versus motivation? A Crucial Agile Debate Today, I will share my perspective on a topic that’s always been close to my heart, and I

Measure & Learn
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Navigating the Future with a Fine-Tuned Product Backlog

🔍 Discover the underpinnings of a transparent and promising future in Agile Product Management! My latest blog post explores the indispensable role of an ordered Product Backlog that is coherent, refined, and rightly sized.

hierarchies of competence
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Why I love heirarchies of competence

Why I love heirarchies of competence Competence-Based Hierarchies Competence-based hierarchies are undeniably compelling and draw my respect and admiration. What makes these hierarchies stand out

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Agile leader versus traditional manager

Product of Conventional Practices A traditional manager, born out of customary organisational conventions, focuses predominantly on task delegation, creating a controlled environment that can, ironically,


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