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Can organisations run an Applying Professional Scrum workshop? How would that help them?

Can organisations run an Applying Professional Scrum workshop? How would that help them?

Is Your Organisation Seeking Professional Agile Guidance

Recently I was asked an intriguing question: “When should an organisation consider running a Professional Scrum Workshop?”  🚀

I want to highlight the importance of unity and collective learning in this article.

I’d also like to add that it can be of huge value to have everybody within the bounds of the class be from the same company. 🎯

Why Consider a Professional Scrum Workshop? 💡

Do you think it’s time to level up your organisation’s Agility?

Well, think about it. Having everyone from your company attend a workshop together opens up opportunities for candid conversations you wouldn’t typically have in a public class with competitors. 💼

In a private workshop, you can delve into your ‘dirty laundry’ without external eyes peering in. It is an arena for mutual learning, real-time problem-solving, and unique experience sharing.

One of the significant advantages of the APS class is that it’s an experiential class, a practical ‘how do we engage in problem-solving. This practical, hands-on problem-solving approach is at the core of Agile principles and Scrum methodology.

Power of Scrum Workshops

What are the benefits? Simply put, they are plentiful!

Here are some benefits of why organisations should consider running an Applying Professional Scrum Workshop. 🚀

Collective Learning and Conversation: You can maybe have conversations you wouldn’t want to have in front of, let’s say you’re in a class in one of your competitors is also in a public class.

Experiential Learning:   It’s a practical ‘how do we engage in problem-solving. So the first part of people’s experience as a group is that they understand how they currently approach problem-solving.

Embracing Scrum: Then we teach them Scrum. We run a bunch of exercises, have a bunch of conversations, and then do another Sprint where they use Scrum practices.

Holistic Participation:   it’s important to bring everybody to the class so they all understand what value Scrum is bringing.

Safe Environment to Experiment:  During the class, you’ve got a safe environment to do things differently from how your organisation is. It gives them a chance to put their organisational baggage down and do things a different way.”

Level Up Your Organisation

Running an Applying Professional Scrum Workshop can be a transformational step for your organisation.

If done well, it can result in a more Agile, responsive, and efficient workforce ready to tackle future challenges head-on! 🌟

Here’s a list of a few advantages:

  • First and foremost, it exposes your team to practical problem-solving exercises, shedding light on how they currently approach tasks and challenges.
  • Secondly, it was an eye-opening experience. Through practical exercises, teams are ‘thrown in the deep end’, revealing their default process when asked to build something. It’s a reality check and often a much-needed one!
  • Lastly, teams are shaken out of their comfort zones through hands-on exercises and intense feedback sessions. This discomfort usually opens their minds to possible improvements, instigating a desire for change.

Changing Perceptions, Changing Results

Once you’ve understood your team’s current way of working and the limitations it poses, we introduce Scrum’s philosophy and practices. 📖

Implementing Scrum practices and experiencing the difference it brings can drastically shift your team’s perception. The sense of connectedness they feel towards their work alters, improving their approach towards problem-solving and productivity. 🎯💡

Cross-Functional Learning

Bring everyone to the class. Yes, you heard it right! Not just software engineers or testers but everyone involved in building the product. This could be stakeholders, leadership positions, and members from other teams.

The benefit? Everyone clearly understands the value Scrum brings, improving their engagement in the process and promoting a shared vision. It’s about fostering an ecosystem of understanding and support. Together, you can overcome the hurdles and smoothly implement your new way of working. 🏗️🤝

Reaping The Benefits of a Professional Scrum Workshop

The Professional Scrum Workshop creates a safe environment for all attendees to drop their organisational baggage and try things a new way. It provides a collective understanding of the intended value of new processes, revealing new pathways to increased productivity and organisational growth. 🌱📈

So, whether you are at the initial stages of implementing Scrum or looking for a tune-up for your existing practices, engaging a professional agile consultant might be a game-changer for your organisation.

Feel inspired?

Interested in learning more about Agile and Scrum? Check out our range of Agile and Scrum courses to help you navigate the Agile landscape confidently. 💪💼

Let’s embark on the Agile journey together and make work more enjoyable and productive. 🚀

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