Installing Visual Studio 2010 Service Pack 1

vs2010logo_thumb[1]As has become customary when the product team releases a new patch, SP or version I like to document the install. This post seams almost redundant as I had no problems, but I think that is as valuable to other thinking of installing the Service Pack as all the problems that we sometimes get.

As per Brian’s post I am Installing Visual Studio Team Foundation Server Service Pack 1 first and indeed as this is a single server local deployment I need to install both. If I only install one it will leave the other product broken.

Figure: Hopefully this will be more uneventfulcoffee-cup

It takes a little while for your system to be checked to see what components need updating. On my main computer this was pretty quick, but on the laptop it took some time.

Figure: There are a lot of components to update

With this update also comes an update to .NET as well as many other components.

Figure: I downloaded the full 1.5GB’s, but you could do a web install

It depends on how good you internet connection is to how long it would take to download, but as I am now in the US I decided not to trust the internet connection speeds. It took around 30-40 minutes to download the full thing which is a little slow.

Figure: I did not need to download, but that would increase the install timecoffee-cup

So on my main computer again this was fast, but again on my netbook this took a little while.

Figure: The actual install took around 30-40 minutes (2 hours on netbook)coffee-cup

I was pretty impressed with the speed of the install, and as Team Explore is now out of the box with Visual Studio 2010 I don’t get the problem of the SP being installed before Team Explorer and having a disjointed experience Smile

Figure: As I suspected, no problems with the install

Figure: Checking in Visual Studio shows that all the servicing points were successful

This was an easy experience even if the SP was over 1.5GB’s to download Smile Hopefully I will be discovering things that work better for a good while to come, as well as not seeing holes in the product that I had no encountered yet.

What were your experiences of installing Visual Studio 2010 Service pack 1?

  • Wes MacDonald

    Applied the service packs to both TFS and VS 2010 with no issues at all.

  • eivind
  • luedi

    for me setup freezes after some time. Had to disable my virus scanner (Avast Antivirus) to make setup work.

  • Anon

    What’s with the extortionate amount of disc space this service pack requires?
    I have Visual Studio installed on my Virtual Machine running Server 2003 (10GB total, with apps + vs installed I still have 2.5GB free), and this thing requires me to have nigh on 6GB of data free??!!?
    Even the completed install of Visual Studio 2010 without a service pack is less than 3 times this size.
    Microsoft need to sort their “stuff” (for lack of my desired word) out if they want to keep people using their software, which is becoming noticeably more bloated and slower as time progresses.

  • thanks this one certainly helped!

  • Abdullah Khan

    Microsoft VS2010 requires vast amount of space and this is non sense. It doesnt even provide the flexibility of choosing the drive. It defaults to “C”. Microsoft has to sort out the patching process. Why on Earth would a patch require 6 GB of Space.