Testimonials About Training and Consulting from Martin Hinshelwood

Below are a number of reviews and Scrum course reviews from people who have attended a course or received consulting from Martin Hinshelwood. These reviews were originally published against Martin Hinshelwood on LinkedIn.

If you have attended any of the Scrum and agile training courses offered by Martin Hinshelwood or if you company has received consulting and you would like to provide a review or testimonial please feel free to contact us. Alternatively you can review naked ALM Consulting directly on Microsoft Pinpoint.

Its great to work with Martin as its 99% likely he has the answer to any problems you have. His TFS knowledge combined with his Agile experience make him a valuable consultant to give your implementation of TFS a much needed boost.

Paul Matrin, Program Director, Sliced Bread

Martin from naked ALM Consulting conducted a private “Professional Scrum Foundation” course on site for us. After the course, I asked for feedback from all the participants – not a single negative point, however loads of feedback concerning the professionalism and enthusiasm in which Martin taught the course. We have also used naked ALM Consulting on a consultancy basis on a number of occasions to help us with improving our efficiencies and help/guidance with Team foundation Server – in every single aspect the service we have received from naked ALM Consulting have far exceeded our expectations.

I would fully recommend naked ALM Consulting to anyone using TFS, requiring Scrum.org training or wanting guidance on improving their ALM.

David Wilkinson, Information Systems Manager at DFDS A/S

Martin has a deep and comprehensive understanding of Team Foundation Server and its implementation in the whole breadth of the ALM field. His knowledge of Scrum combined with understanding the business need, give formidable insights into what process improvements are required and how they might be made.

It is always a joy to work with Martin whose enthusiasm and professional attitude are second to none.

Graham Pembery, Senior Technical Specialist at Flowmaster

I spent two days with Martin for advanced TFS training and consultancy with our global TFS environment. Martin’s knowledge of TFS and ALM is exceptional. He is a pleasure to work with and offered some valuable insights to improve the way we work with TFS in my company. I would recommend him to anyone looking for either training or consultancy for TFS or ALM. I look forward to working with him again in the future.

Russell Seamer, Emerson Process Management

Martin’s Scrum training was not only informative and valuable, but also enjoyable. Martin’s complete understanding and expertise of Agile processes and Scrum combined with his personality helped our team really come together and more fully understand the framework of Scrum and its impact on our development processes. I would highly recommend Martin for any Scrum training you or your development teams may be seeking.

Bryan Rees, Sr. User Experience Designer at Backcountry.com

Martin was hired to conduct the Scrum Master training at Mitchell International. Martin is a pragmatic scrum coach and a great presenter. His teaching style stirs enthusiasm and collaboration, making the training very engaging and pleasant.

Hamid Zar, Director of Engineering at Mitchell International

Martin is a true professional having a variety of experience in software development and practices. His depth of knowledge in Agile and Scrum methodologies is evident in his teaching of the subject. I highly recommend Martin for his great work and knowledge.

Khashayar Rakhsha, Sr. QA Analyst at Intermountain Healthcare

I have been in IT hiring consultants on and off for 15 years. Martin is BY FAR the most knowledgeable consultant in breadth and depth I have ever had the privilege of working with. He was not only intelligent and skilled, his personality made him a joy to work with. If you need TFS or Scrum consulting, Martin is your man!!

Suzanne Davis, Sr. IT Analyst Project Manager at Plum Creek

Martin is a highly skilled and insightful trainer. He helped provide guidance to my team and for the organization I work for. Martin took to the time to explore the many scenarios that one might encounter when looking to structure an approach to adopt Scrum as your primary software delivery solution. In working with Martin, I was inspired to learn not only about Scrum, but also about the other technology tools that he supports and frequently blogs about. In short, I highly recommend Martin’s work.

Mike Myers, Director of Application Development at Insurance Auto Auctions

Martin did Scrum training for Backcountry through Scrum.org for three days and I must say it was very useful three days for us. The whole team of about 50+ people thoroughly enjoyed the training and got a lot out of it. In addition to great material and exercises Martin had a great style of delivery and won the respect of everyone including our engineers, which is a big deal. In addition to the in-class effort, Martin was also very forthcoming in helping folks outside class and still communicates with members of the team via e-mail. Great guy, very knowledgeable & great trainer. Highly recommend him and wish him the best.

Charanjeet Singh, CIO at Backcountry.com