Get a free Team Companion licence for Visual Studio 2012 Launch?

I recently posted on Requirement management in the modern application lifecycle and in that post I mentioned a product called Team Companion from Ekobit. Well, to celebrate its 5th anniversary and the launch of Visual Studio 2012 the awesome folks at Ekobit have decided to give away a whole bunch of licences for that fantastic […]

Deploy from Visual Studio 2012 to iOS, Windows Phone, Android and Windows

Today I saw a demonstration by ITR Mobility of their line of business application support for having one code base, written in C# that can be deployed to practically any platform you like. Does that should like it would be of use to you? Coz it sure as hell sounds like I could use it. […]

I messed up my work items from Excel! What now?

When you do a lot of editing in Excel you will sometimes make mistakes. If you are in the unfortunate situation that ended up publishing back changes to 100+ work items that you did not want to change then you can be in a world of hurt. I have a customer who has done just […]

Visual Studio 2010 Overview – Reporting & Process

The Process Template governs nearly all aspects of how the team interacts with Visual Studio and TFS (e.g., the structure and flow of work items). Whether a team has a well-established development process or needs to define one, proper template selection and practice are critical. Reports and dashboards (targeted to the selected team process) provide […]

Visual Studio 2010 Overview – Architecture

How Visual Studio helps teams explore, understand, maintain, and uphold their project’s architecture. Introduction to some basic architecture & design concepts and common trouble spots for teams. This post is part of a series of Visual Studio ALM webcasts that were delivered through 2010 and 2011 as part of an introduction to Visual Studio ALM. […]

Visual Studio 2010 Overview – Microsoft Test Manager

Microsoft Test Manager (MTM), AKA Test Professional, is a new testing system that team can use to create manual and Automation test quickly. The real advantage and strength of MTM is the integration with TFS and Visual Studio 2010 and how it can leverage the ALM tools and practices. In the demo, we show: Explain […]