Found GDR Bug: At least I think it is.



This is not isolated to GDR, but seams to exist in Data Dude as well. If you create the following SQL:


   1: CREATE VIEW [dbo].[v_SomeView] AS 
   2: SELECT    [BH].[Col1],
   3:         [BH].[Col2],
   4:         [BH].[Col3],
   5:         [BH].[Col4],
   6:         [BH].[Col5],
   7:         CASE WHEN [BHPP].[OtherCol1] IS NULL THEN -1 ELSE 1 END As [Col6],
   8:         CASE WHEN [BHPP].[OtherCol1] IS NULL THEN 'Not Applicable' ELSE 'PowerPack' END As [Col7],
   9:         CASE WHEN [BHPP].[OtherCol1] IS NULL THEN [BH].[Col5] ELSE [BHPP].[OtherCol2] END As [Col8]
  10: FROM    [dbo].[Table1] as [BH]
  11:         LEFT JOIN     (SELECT [OtherCol1], [OtherCol2], [OtherCol3]
  12:                     FROM    [$(CMD)].[dbo].[Table2]
  13:                     WHERE    [OtherCol1] <> -1) as [BHPP]
  14:             ON [BH].[Col2] = [BHPP].[Col2]


And add it to your Database project, but using proper table names 🙂 You will get the following error for every use of [BHPP]:

Error    13    SR0029 : Microsoft.Validation : View: [dbo].[v_SomeView] contains an unresolved reference to an object. Either the object does not exist or the reference is ambiguous because it could refer to any of the following objects:….

This is a show stopper for us as we can’t (without good cause) be creating more views just to do a derived table…

I have submitted a Bug, so vote as you like, but please vote…

Bug: GDR – derived tables

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