Found GDR Bug: At least I think it is.

This is not isolated to GDR, but seams to exist in Data Dude as well. If you create the following SQL:   1: CREATE VIEW [dbo].[v_SomeView] AS 2: SELECT [BH].[Col1], 3: [BH].[Col2], 4: [BH].[Col3], 5: [BH].[Col4], 6: [BH].[Col5], 7: CASE WHEN [BHPP].[OtherCol1] IS NULL THEN -1 ELSE 1 END As [Col6], 8: CASE WHEN [BHPP].[OtherCol1] […]

Visual Studio 2008 and the GDR CTP16

Well we have been having a few problems with the GDR. Essentially when we import our database it complains about dependencies. We have many stored procedures that call stored procedures that call stored procedures! This seams to give the GDR fits. Maybe we are doing something that we are not supposed to, but SQL does […]