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A few weeks ago I proposed a new community for StackExchange and it has been growing at an exponential rate. We are about half way there, but we need your help to make this community a success.


Monday 16th August 2010 – Commit to Visual Studio ALM on Area51

If you are not familiar with StackExchange, it has a community driven voting system for creating new sites like Stack Overflow.

Thanks everyone for your efforts and excellent questions. Although we suffered a little from question overload at the Proposal stage I think this is a good omen for the future beta.


We are now in the Commitment stage and need a score of 2000 user points (which gets us to 100%) to proceed to the Beta. This is apparently calculated based on a user’s reputation:

To get a feel for it:

  • A user with no reputation gets a score of 1
  • A user with 200 reputation on 1 site gets a score of 1.7
  • A user with 200 reputation on 3 sites gets a score of 3.1
  • A user with 10000 reputation on 1 site gets a score of 7.2
  • A user with 10000 reputation on 3 sites gets a score of 19.6 (these are extremely rare)

So if you are interested in Visual Studio ALM or any of its features, be sure to Commit and send this to anyone you know who might be interested.

Commit to Visual Studio ALM

Friday 13th August 2010 – Vote for Visual Studio ALM on Area51

Visual Studio ALM StackExchange Proposal

We have now reached 1 of the three milestones required to get the site to the “commit” stage.

Figure: We have enough followers but not enough votes

We now have question overload and need to concentrate on getting those top 5 On Topic and 5 Off Topic questions to have 20 votes each.

Top 5 On-Topic
  • What’s a backup and recovery process for Team Foundation Server 2010?
  • How can I automatically version my assemblies in TFS Build 2010?
  • How can I sync two Team Foundation Servers?
  • How do I do branching if I want to be able to create hotfixes?
  • Default value: Are they assigned only when a work item is created?
Top 5 Off-Topic
  • Do I need to purchase additional Client access Licenses for TFS 2010?
  • How do I migrate my TFS content to Visual SourceSafe?
  • What and who are the ALM Rangers and what role do they play within Microsoft?
  • How do you install Visual Studio 2003?
  • How do I debug my WPF application?

If everyone can concentrate their votes in at least the current top 10 we should have enough! If you currently have a vote on a question with fewer than 10 votes it may be worth removing it and adding it to one of the questions higher up.

Visual Studio ALM StackExchange Proposal
You have 5 on-topic and 5 off-topic votes to cast.

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