Release planning and predictable delivery

Many organisations wrestle with the seeming incompatibility between agile and release management and they struggle with release planning and predictable delivery.

What’s new in Visual Studio 2013 Team Foundation Server Preview

Steve Ballmer just announced the Visual Studio 2013 Go-Live preview at the Build summit not more than an hour ago so get Visual Studio 2013 Team Foundation Server while its hot! Remember that this Preview is covered by a Go-Live licence and is fully supported for production use.

Requirement management in the modern application lifecycle with TFS

Managing requirements is hard and no single tool can tell you how to achieve that within your organisation. To that end, Visual Studio 2012 TFS stays out of the “where do your requirements come from” world and firmly in the “i have my requirements.. .what now?” world and indeed the tools built on top of the requirement management system stay in one niche.

Professional Scrum Foundations in Salt Lake City, Utah

This week I have been filling in for David Starr at a customer and it has been an experience. David had a family emergency and tapped me of all people to take the gig from him. So not only did Northwest Cadence have to rearrange my schedule to make sure that I could do this, […]

I messed up my work items from Excel! What now?

When you do a lot of editing in Excel you will sometimes make mistakes. If you are in the unfortunate situation that ended up publishing back changes to 100+ work items that you did not want to change then you can be in a world of hurt. I have a customer who has done just […]

Is ALM a useful term?

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I was asked this question by Robert Myers for a “paper” and I think that it is an important one. I started to answer in that little textbox that LinkedIn give you and I got a little carried away. I guess I am an writing mode >>Do you think ALM is a useful term? Yes, […]

Are you doing Scrum? Find out with a Scrum Health Check!

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I posted before about how you know that you are doing Scrum, or not, but how do you! This is something that has been banded about both in the community and within Northwest Cadence for a while and we have come to the conclusion that we need to check! There are many reasons for […]