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Assuring Quality Using Azure Test Plans

AQATP | 1 Day | Intermediate | Testers, Teams, Developers

Course Overview

Azure DevOps Services provide a set of cloud-hosted tools that software teams can use as an end-to-end solution to plan, develop, test, and deliver value in the form of working software. Azure Test Plans enable a team to plan, track, and assess quality throughout the entire development effort. This one day course will demonstrate how an agile team can configure and use Azure Test Plans to effectively assure quality in web and desktop applications. To maximize learning, students will work in teams, in a common team project, on a common case study.

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Azure DevOps provides a set of cloud-hosted tools that software teams can use as an end-to-end solution to plan, develop, test, and deliver value in the form of working software.

Topics Covered in this Workshop

  1. Test Case Management
  2. Test Planning
  3. Running Tests

You should attend this workshop if…

This course is appropriate for all members of a software development team, especially those who are actively involved in defining, assuring, and increasing the overall quality of their software products. This course will also provide value for individuals outside the development team (managers, Scrum Masters, coaches, and other stakeholders) who want hands-on exposure to the capabilities of Azure Test Plans.

Instructors for Assuring Quality Using Azure Test Plans

Martin Hinshelwood

Scrumorg Professional Scrum Trainer, & Microsoft MVP: Development Tools

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Assuring Quality Using Azure Test Plans
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Course content

This course contains several modules, progressively explaining how to use Azure Test Plans to plan, track, and
manage the software product testing effort.
– Defining and maintaining quality
– Acceptance criteria and acceptance testing
– Azure DevOps Services overview
– Azure Boards overview
– Configuring a team project for testing
– Planning and running tests during a sprint
– Charts, reports, and notifications
– Extending Azure Test Plans
– Hands-on
– Test case management
– Creating test plans and test suites
– Creating and using configurations
– Creating and managing test cases
– Using parameters and shared steps
– Importing and exporting test artifacts
– Hands-on
– Azure Test Runner
– Testing a web application
– Testing multiple times with different data
– The Test & Feedback extension
– Capturing screenshots and video
– Reporting a bug during testing
– Viewing and charting a test run
– Exploratory testing overview
– Performing exploratory testing
– Creating a test case while exploring
– Using Azure Test Runner to test a desktop app
– Regression testing
– Hands-on

Course Designer

This course was designed by Richard Hundhausen, a Microsoft Development Technologies MVP, Professional Scrum
Trainer, and an experienced software developer.

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