Should GeeksWithBlogs move to the WordPress Platform?

Geekswithblogs was my first ever blog and my first post was on 22nd June 2006. Since then very little functionality has been added. This is not a complaint, but rather an observation that it is very hard to keep up with all of the blogging capabilities that people want. My point would be: “Why bother!”

Vote now for a migration of the awesome Geekswithblogs content from SubText to WordPress.

Update 2011-01-06 – Due to some friction and lack of interest in the wants of users over technology I have moved my blog to WordPress anyway. Do you want to know how? 

Having been a long time user of GWB I have been worried of late by my envy of other blogging platforms. I made a number of requests around 10 months ago for things that almost all blogging platforms provide, but which are not available on GWB.

  • Support other comment frameworks – The current comment system is so antiquated that it does not even have the common filters like Facebook, twitter or Google login to help prevent spam.
  • Tags are not listed in the RSS – This can prevent you from getting the Google juice that you deserve
  • 301 redirects to a single URL– If you use a custom URL then all your posts are split between both the GWB URL and the custom one. This is VERY bas for SEO.

I realise that it is difficult to find time to add all of the features that all the uber geeks on this site want, so why bother… lets move to the most popular and moded platform available and allow everyone to add whatever widgets they like.

Figure: Vote for Geekswithblogs moving to WordPress

Why would I want this?


  • There are over 13k plugins available
  • Easy augmentation model
  • Full mobile support
  • Regular releases
  • lots more…

This could be a turning point in the legendary history of Geeks With Blogs, be part of it…


What can I do to make this happen?

We-Need-You1-324x500[1]I need your help to make this happen:

  • How to move from GeeksWithBlogs to WordPress? I have code for that!

    • Or you can just use LiveWriter. Hook LiveWriter up to both your GWB account and your WordPress account. Then just open a post from GWB and publish it to your WordPress account. If you have hundreds of posts this could be time consuming, but if you only have a dozen or two it’s a fairly easy and straight-forward solution.

      • Totally… if you only have a few posts that may work for you… just make sure that you don’t leave any images behind 🙂 Unfortunately I had over 500 posts and 5k of images…

  • Word press isn’t really designed as a platform to use for a community though. It is more focused on hosting a single blog or website. The vast majority of it’s functionality isn’t needed for a simple blog. But I don’t disagree with you. It would be nice to have all that functionality, if it was possible to do.

    • @twitter-14231773:disqus it can indeed do all oft h things that you are talking about. Worpress is a designed as a content management system at its core (like SharePoint or community server) but with such a vibrent plugin community it can do almost anything. Check out the BuddyPress plugin to turn your core WordPress into a full community site.

      It gives you Groups and Forums and Friends and all those nice social networking things…just sayin!