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Exploring Immersive Learning in Agile Environments

In this video, Scrum.org’s Product Owner Sabrina Love and Professional Scrum trainers Alex Ballarin, Joanna Płaskonka, and myself (Martin Hinshelwood) discuss the evolution and effectiveness of immersive learning in Agile environments. 🎓🌐 We delve into how this approach enhances practical application and reflection, making it a superior method for real-world problem-solving. 🤔💡

Key Topics:

  1. The Shift from Traditional to Immersive Learning: Understanding the transition from conventional consecutive training days to immersive, extended learning experiences.
  2. Practical Application and Reflection: How immersive learning emphasizes real-world application and reflective practices.
  3. Diverse Learner Experiences: Catering to different learning styles and the unique benefits immersive learning offers to various learners.
  4. Building Habits and Continuous Improvement: The role of immersive learning in habit formation and promoting continuous professional development.
  5. Feedback and Impact Assessment: Evaluating the effectiveness of immersive learning beyond traditional quizzes and certifications.

One of the significant advantages of immersive learning is its adaptability to different learner types. For instance, some learners might prefer a book-like experience, which a two-day class can provide. However, others might benefit more from a journey-like approach, where learning is spread over several weeks, allowing for deeper understanding and application.

The immersive learning format is particularly beneficial in fostering a community of practice within the training group. Learners share their experiences, struggles, and successes, creating an environment of collaboration and empathy. This aspect is vital in Agile environments, where teamwork and continuous improvement are key.

However, it’s essential to note that immersive learning is not a one-size-fits-all solution. Some individuals or organizations might still prefer the traditional, intensive learning experience. Therefore, it’s crucial to understand the different learning styles and choose the approach that best suits your needs.

NKDAgility can help!

NKDAgility’s Immersion Training reimagines traditional classroom learning. Our approach involves:

  • Incremental Classroom Learning: Engaging live sessions spread over several weeks, each lasting up to 4 hours. This structure allows learners to thoroughly understand each concept at a comfortable pace.
  • Outcome-Based Assignments: Assignments linked to each session emphasize practical application and innovation, catering to various skill levels and backgrounds.
  • Facilitated Reflections: Each class starts with a reflective session where learners discuss their assignment experiences with their Professional Scrum Trainer, fostering peer learning and actionable insights.

This Immersion Training is designed to offer a more interactive, reflective, and practical learning experience, ensuring not just knowledge acquisition but also application and growth. Join us for a transformative educational journey.

Starting in 2024, we will be running immersive classes in bundles as Learning Journeys that you can book together, or on their own! Our 24Q1 bundles are:

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