Professional Scrum teams build software that works

I am always surprised at the number of teams that release undone work to production. I understand that one may need a few sprints, or many if you inherited something nasty, to pay back that debt, but if it’s more then you are not a Professional Scrum Team. The sheer amount of software that I […]

Kalabule or a Professional at Agile in Africa

Most software teams and their organisations are kalabule (cowboys) in an industry epidemic of lies and deceit. Find out if you are Kalabule or a Professional at Agile in Africa as we dive into what it means to be a Professional from the perspective of a software development team.

Agile Requirements Workshop

It can be hard to understand how to break down your backlog into actionable requirement that are small enough to fit in a sprint. This workshop shows you how to break down desirements into backlog items.