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Free Workshop 04: Introduction to Sprint Reviews [Review & Retrospective]

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This workshop was delivered on 16th September 2021 and focused on introducing the core concepts of the Sprint Review and its empirical nature. I used a combination of Liberating Structures, Microsoft Teams, and Mural to deliver an interactive session. This session went really well however we had some technical issues on the live stream!

Participant feedback was awesome, and we have fixed the audio and re-released the video.

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Introduction to Sprint Reviews [Review]

Product Vision \ Goal: Demonstrate the viability and drive interest of live virtual delivery of content as a primary and premier method to share ideas and content.

Iteration Summery

For this fourth session, my goal was to build on the technology in use and become more proficient. Since we are not using Mighty Networks folks need to RSVP before they can see the join link. Maybe does not count as going… change your RSVP and the join link will be displayed.

For some unknown reason we had audio during the intro but not during the stream. I followed the same set-up after the events and everything worked as expected. I feel like it was a glitch as when I or others were speaking “OBS” on my laptop was picking it up, it was just not transmitting. Another check for the DOR before the session.

As usual with live stream issues, I was focusing on the people who were participating and did not have time to try to fix it on the fly. I used the Microsoft Teams recording to fix it in Post.


I believe that we met the goal and the feedback was very positive ( Other than those that could not get in). I was very happy with all of the technology used.


There was no negative feedback for this session, however, we did not get to fill out the feedback wall. I was frustrated that the audio was not working and I did not have the time to fix it while I was focused on my participants.

As part of the changes in technology, we will be using Lean-Agile Community from naked Agility for events going forward. Folks can join and RSVP just like Meetup.

Provide Aditional Anonymous Feedback: https://forms.office.com/r/pdNhe45MVH

Introduction to Sprint Reviews [Retrospective]

The big retrospective item is the issue with the voice on the live stream. The learning point is not to make an assumption that just because the music is working that the voice is too. Checking both is a good idea.

Retrospective outcome: more of the same… build on quality.

Other Workshops

While these sessions are time-limited we expect to have many free sessions over time. If there are none currently you can contact us for private options.

Currently no free workshops planned, check out the full course list.

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