What to do when you dont have a working computer!



I have a little problem…I don’t have a computer at home at the moment 🙁 So I am writing this post from my Pocket PC using Diarist 2. I will come back to that, but first…

The reason for my lack of my “can’t live without accesory” is that my laptop has finaly given up the ghost. It is an 8 year old Dell desktop replacemnt, and in my infinite wisdom I desided to install Vista just after it went RTM. All was well for a while, but it was a litle slow. Add Visual Studio 2005 and things got a little slower…

It took aroung 3 months to sucessfuly get SP1 installed, yes I was one of those unfortinate users that had problems, and my laptop has never been the same since. For example, uninstalling VS2008 Beta and moving to the RTM took near enough 74 hours…Not good…

Well, it worked for a month and then started blue screening. Could be anything, but when I bit the bullet last night and desided to go back to XP I kept getting errors reading the disk which could on reflection be the disk, but I have a feeling that the hardware is toast…

So here I am writing this post on my phone and its not such a bad experience, although I have found that many sites talking about mobile software and devices don’t actualy support viewing on a mobile device! What is that about…

I needed to look for some software to write this post, and obviously I found it, but it did require me to use most of the bits that an average person uses on a computer.
– Searching the internet
– Loading and reading web pages
– Downloading and instaling software
– Writing documents

On top of this, although I have never used it, I have a cut down version of Office 2007.

Taking allof this into acount I have found it a relatively painless experience, but I do accnowlage that I am not an average user and a terrible speller…

Now all I need is a version of Visual Studio 2008 and Team Explorer 😉

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