Get a free Team Companion licence for Visual Studio 2012 Launch?

I recently posted on Requirement management in the modern application lifecycle and in that post I mentioned a product called Team Companion from Ekobit. Well, to celebrate its 5th anniversary and the launch of Visual Studio 2012 the awesome folks at Ekobit have decided to give away a whole bunch of licences for that fantastic […]

Guidance: How to layout you files for an Ideal Solution

Creating a solution and having it maintainable over time is an art and not a science. I like being pedantic and having a place for everything, no matter how small. For setting up the Areas to run Multiple projects under one solution see my post on  When should I use Areas in TFS instead of […]

Upgrading Team Foundation Server 2008 to 2010

I am sure you will have seen my posts on upgrading our internal Team Foundation Server from TFS2008 to TFS2010 Beta 2, RC and RTM, but what about a fresh upgrade of TFS2008 to TFS2010 using the RTM version of TFS. One of our clients is taking the plunge with TFS2010, so I have the […]

Upgrading from TFS 2010 Beta 2 to TFS 2010 RC done

Visual Studio Team Foundation Server 2010 RC was released yesterday on MSDN. I am happy to report that today we successfully completed upgrading our production TFS 2010 Beta 2 server, to the new TFS 2010 RC. wow. Updated: 11th February 2010– Added link to Brian Harry’s post Updated: 12th February 2010 – Adam Cogan was not clear […]

Installing Visual Studio 2008 Team Foundation Server SP1

I have been trying since SP1 was released to get it installed at Aggreko, but due to our global, three time zones, development team and release schedules it has been very difficult to get some time set aside for it. Now that I am leaving, last day is Tuesday 17th November, there was more of […]

Office 2010 gotcha 2: Visual Studio 2008 Locks

I am having a little problem with Visual Studio 2008 that only started after I had installed Office 2010. I found this interesting post on Visual Studio 2008 Locks or Freezes in ASPX from Rinat Abdullin that was a complete match to the problem I am having. Basically VS just bings at you whenever you […]

Connecting VS2008 to any TFS2010 Project Collection

Easy peasy, all you need is the full URL from the project collection and you will be able to connect directly to it as if it was a different Team Server. This functionality was added with Visual Studio 2008 Service Pack 1, so if you don’t have SP1 installed yet you had better get it: […]

Solution to connecting to TFS using HTTPS over the Internet from behind ISA

This problem it seams is to do with the way Visual Studio 2010 connects to your TFS server over HTTPS. The default value for “BypassProxyOnLocal” in Visual Studio 2008 was “False”, but it has been changed to “True” for Visual Studio 2010 Beta 1. It should be noted that this is currently a Beta 1 […]

Uninstalling Visual Studio 2010 Beta 1

You may think, why is he uninstalling VS2010? Well, apart from proving that it works…And that it plays well with VS2008 I need to remove the pre-beta beta that I have installed. This is in fact the second time I have uninstalled VS2010 on this computer, and I had no problems last time, but the […]