Running Android 2.2 (Frodo) on your HD2

While my HD2 was away getting fixed I had to slum it using an Android phone from Vodafone. It was a small cheap Vodafone 845 running Android 2.1 and you know what… I loved it. Don’t get me wrong… the phone was crap… but Android is good. While I wait to get my hands on […]

Flashing your Windows Phone 6 for Dummies

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The rate at which vendors release new updates for the HD2 is ridiculously slow. You have to wait for Microsoft to release the new OS, then you wait for HTC to build it into a ROM, and then you have to wait up to 6 months for your operator to badly customise it for their […]

Twitter with style

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I have been using an excellent piece of software for twittering form my Windows Mobile. Twikini has all of the features you would expect, as well as working fantastically with the IPhone like features of Windows Mobile 6.5. I had used a few of the other apps that are available, but I think this is […]

Microsoft MyPhone service available to the public

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Microsoft recently opened up there beta of the MyPhone service to the general public. The service syncs your Mobile phone with the web and allows access to your Contacts Calendar tasks, pictures and more. I have just left it running, but you can add stuff to your phone through this interface as well. I see […]

Presenting Aplication Lifecycle Management: Precursor

I am doing a presentation this afternoon on Application Lifecycle Management (ALM). This is the first time that I have ever presented on this topic, and I found out that I was doing it on Friday! I have put together a bunch of slides pulling information mostly from Wikipedia. I have another presentation afterwards on […]

A problem with Diarist 2!

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{Rant} I think that it would be good to remove the drop down to select your blog from the main blog writing page. I tapped it by mistake when I was trying to select a piece of text and lost my whole post… Only 10 minutes of time, but an entire train of thought! {Rant} […]

Working from a Mobile again!

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As I am traveling today and I am not taking a laptop, I want to be able to do a little personal work from my mobile.. What I would realy like is to be able to monitor and edit my CodePlex (Team Foundation Server) work items from my phone! And I am not talking about […]

What to do when you dont have a working computer!

I have a little problem…I don’t have a computer at home at the moment 🙁 So I am writing this post from my Pocket PC using Diarist 2. I will come back to that, but first… The reason for my lack of my “can’t live without accesory” is that my laptop has finaly given up […]

Information Sync

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Over the past year of using the Windows Mobile Device Center on Vista as well as ActiveSync 4.5 I have become increasingly disillusioned with them both and searching for another tool that would do the job better. Why Mobile Device Center is a bit pants! I have found that it has become increasingly difficult to […]

Office Mobile 2007

This week I installed Office Mobile 2007 on my Windows Mobile 6 (Black Shadow) SPV M3100, and I have to say, what changed? I can now see my RSS Feeds as part of Outlook Mobile 2007, but apart from that the only change was the addition of OneNote Mobile 2007. I had already installed OneNote to assist […]