Running Android 2.2 (Frodo) on your HD2

While my HD2 was away getting fixed I had to slum it using an Android phone from Vodafone. It was a small cheap Vodafone 845 running Android 2.1 and you […]

Twitter with style

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I have been using an excellent piece of software for twittering form my Windows Mobile. Twikini has all of the features you would expect, as well as working fantastically with […]

A problem with Diarist 2!

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{Rant} I think that it would be good to remove the drop down to select your blog from the main blog writing page. I tapped it by mistake when I […]

Working from a Mobile again!

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As I am traveling today and I am not taking a laptop, I want to be able to do a little personal work from my mobile.. What I would realy […]

Information Sync

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Over the past year of using the Windows Mobile Device Center on Vista as well as ActiveSync 4.5 I have become increasingly disillusioned with them both and searching for another […]

Office Mobile 2007

This week I installed Office Mobile 2007 on my Windows Mobile 6 (Black Shadow) SPV M3100, and I have to say, what changed? I can now see my RSS Feeds as […]