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Uninstalling Visual Studio 2010 Beta 1


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You may think, why is he uninstalling VS2010? Well, apart from proving that it works…And that it plays well with VS2008 I need to remove the pre-beta beta that I have installed.


This is in fact the second time I have uninstalled VS2010 on this computer, and I had no problems last time, but the difference is that I will be installing a slightly different build 🙂 of Beta 1.

I am hoping that I do not have any problems, but my scenario is largely unsupported.

I have removed visual studio, but it probably left a few trainer that I will need to remove manually. The easiest way is to see what was installed in the last month and check it all… Gruelling I know, but what can you do…

There is a nice little feature in Vista when you are in the programs list that lets you filter the list… coz it can be realy big


Here is he list of software I have installed in the last month:


I have highlighted all of the 2010 bits and it at first seams like there are rather a lot of them, but as you go through the list (I will finish with the .NET 4.0 bits) you find that it is just a cleanup issue..


So I then had some fun uninstalling .NET 4.0…

I know that this was unsupported, and that we were warned us not to do it, but we are developers and we like to push the big red buttons, but I installed the pre-beta beta on my production computer…

During the uninstall there was an infinite number of runtime errors.


And after cancelling and rebooting received lots of .net 4.0 errors for all sorts of applications upon boot.


The same thing happened during my second attempt at uninstalling. The plan now is to try a repair and then an uninstall…

Well, the repair failed, so I am going strait to installing from the new .NET 4.0 Beta 1 release and everything seams to be working ok so far. I realise that my computer will be in an unknown state afterwards, but I can always reinstall when I get the chance.


And after a restart, no problems… Wohooo….

Now to VS2010… And if my infrastructure team get me my VPC there will be TFS fun as Well.

So the end result is that although I have not uninstalled .NET 4.0, I do have the latest version which is what I wanted…

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