Team Foundation Server 2010 Event Handling with Subscribers

There is a lot of references and blog posts on how to handle SOAP events raised by Team Foundation Server 2005, 2008 and 2010 but is there anything new in 2010 that supersedes this? Even though I knew it was there, n o amount of google-fu brought back any results relevant to anything new, so […]

TFS Event Handler for Team Foundation Server 2010

I am looking at re-working the TFS Event Handler and I was hoping that you would help me decide what handlers to build! [Request an event handler] The original Event Handler sends emails when: A work item is assigned to you A work item that is assigned to you is reassigned to someone else A […]

A perfect match TFS and DLR

I have always been annoyed with the mechanics of the Team Foundation Server check-in policies. I understand the limitations, but having to have a specific policy installed on every developers computer before you can use it is slightly ridicules and practically unmanageable. Why is there not a way to have a single installation that allows […]

TFS Event Handler v1.3 released

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Updated and improved for Team System 2008. The TFS Event Handler makes it easier to notify users of changes to Work Items in Team Foundation Server. You will no longer need to add individual alerts to users. It is developed in .NET 3.5 SP1 for Team Foundation Server 2008 and is deployed as a […]

TFS Event Handler Update

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The TFS Event Handler project on CodePlex has been updated today to take care of a number of bugs that were introduced in the last update. These have all been fixed and we are currently dogfooding with the new release. The Event Handlers have also been updated to take care of some issues that we […]

New Event Handlers

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I have added an extra event handler to the TFS Event Handler (Prototype), and this makes two. Assigned To Handler The Assigned to handler send a users an email when a work item is assigned to them unless they did the assigning themselves. Reassigned Handler The reassigned handler send an email to a user to […]

TFS Event Handler (Prototype) Refresh

I found a couple of bugs in the TFS Event Handler Prototype release. As I am still supporting this release (many people use it in production) I have fixed the bugs and uploaded new installers. The config files have not changed, so you should make a copy of your config file before you uninstall the […]

TFS Event Handler gets 3 stars from Accentient

All be it it is only popularity, but they are stars non the less… Willy-Peter Schaub brought and update of the Team System Widgets page to my attention and I remembered that I had submitted the TFS Event Handler I built and headed over to take a look. Its even second from the top … […]

TFS Event Handler in .NET 3.5 Part 2

I have decided to have a little go at creating a Team Foundation Server Event Handler in .NET 3.5 that is resilient and scaleable. I will be using as many of the features of Team Suit as I can, but bear with me as there are a few things that are new to me. TFS Event […]