Coffee Talk: Scrum versus Kanban (re-match) … Thursday at High Noon!

Because of the phenomenal success of the Scrum versus Kanban session that Steven Borg an I did today, we plan on having a rematch to see if Kanban can make a comeback. Hopefully Steve1 can do a better job for Kanban this time… Updates 2011-07-29 – The Recording –  For those that attended the recording […]

Coffee Talk: Scrum versus Kanban

I am doing a free session this Friday with Steven Borg to help folks understand the differences between Scrum and Kanban and where each fit. This will be an introductory session and future sessions will be split with Steven Box doing the Kanban and me doing the Scrum sessions. Join me for this Free Webcast […]

My first Scrum team in the wild

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Over the last year I have invested a lot in Scrum. A few months ago I was assigned to teach a two day Scrum course for which I had to build and deliver the material. The team that received the beta of the course has now just finished their first sprint! Although I was unable […]

How Visual Studio 2010 and Team Foundation Server enable Compliance

One of the things that makes Team Foundation Server (TFS) the most powerful Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) platform is the traceability it provides to those that use it. This traceability is crucial to enable many companies to adhere to many of the Compliance regulations to which they are bound (e.g. CFR 21 Part 11 or […]

Do you want to be an ALM Consultant?

Northwest Cadence is looking for our next great consultant! At Northwest Cadence, we have created a work environment that emphasizes excellence, integrity, and out-of-the-box thinking.  Our customers have high expectations (rightfully so) and we wouldn’t have it any other way!   Northwest Cadence has some of the most exciting customers I have ever worked with […]

Commit to Visual Studio ALM on Area51

A few weeks ago I proposed a new community for StackExchange and it has been growing at an exponential rate. We are about half way there, but we need your help to make this community a success.   Update 16th August 2010 – The Proposal has now moved from Proposed to the Committed stage and […]

Even Scrum should have detailed Task descriptions

When you create tasks in Scrum you are doing this within a time box and you tend to add only the information you need to remember what the task is. And the entire Team was at the meeting and were involved in the discussions around the task, so why do you need more? Once you […]

Combining Scrum, TFS2010 and Email to keep everyone in the loop

Often you will receive rich information from your Product Owner (Customer) about tasks. That information can be in the form of Word documents, HTML Emails and Pictures, but you generally receive them in the context of an Email. You need to keep these so your Team can refer to it later, and so you can […]

Do you have a contract between the Product Owner and the Team?

Working in Scrum it is useful to define a Sprint Contract between the Product Owner (PO) and the implementation Team. Doing this helps to improve common understanding in, and sometimes to enforce, the relationship between the PO and the Team. Update 14th April 2010 Rule added to Rules to better Scrum with TFS This is […]

Adventures in Scrum: Lesson 2 – For the record

At SSW we have always done Agile. Recently we have started doing Scrum and we have nearly completed our first Sprint ever using Scrum. As you probably guessed from my previous post, it looks like it is going to be a “Failed Sprint”, but the Scrum Team (This includes the ScrumMaster and the Product Owner) […]