Migrating to office 365 from Google Mail

A few months ago I decided to make use of Office 365 but I have run into a bunch of roadblocks. It seams that Office 365 and Google Mail are not the best of friends. They seam to be in a state of cold war.

Installing Office 2013 on Windows 8

If you have not already seen the Office 2013 Preview has been made available on MSDN and on the Microsoft site. The install is ridiculously easy and includes Outlook 2013, Word 2013 and Communicator 2013. These tend to be the only parts of Office that I use, unless I an connecting to work item tracking […]

Office 2013 Issue: Installing Office 2013 breaks Visual Studio 2012

After installing Office 2013 on a machine with Visual Studio 2012 you get a “The procedure entry point _Atomic_fetch_sub_4 could not be located in the dynamic link library c:Program Files (x86)Microsoft Visual Studio 11.0Common7IDEdevenv.exe” error when trying to load Visual Studio 2012. Figure: _Atomic_fetch_sub_4 exception Some of my colleagues ran into this. Applies To Visual […]

Can I run two versions of Microsoft Project side-by-side?

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A number of out customers have asked if there are any problems in installing and running multiple versions of Microsoft Project on a single client. Although this is a case of Caveat utilitor (Let the user beware), as long as the user understands and accepts the issues that can occur then they can do this. […]

Finding features: Calendar preview

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Another nice feature of Outlook 2010 that I like is the Calendar preview:   Very effective for seeing quickly wither you can attend 🙂 Technorati Tags: Office 

Office 2010 gotcha 2: Visual Studio 2008 Locks

I am having a little problem with Visual Studio 2008 that only started after I had installed Office 2010. I found this interesting post on Visual Studio 2008 Locks or Freezes in ASPX from Rinat Abdullin that was a complete match to the problem I am having. Basically VS just bings at you whenever you […]

Finding features: Conversations

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Hey, well the dentist was fun! And I have had time to install Office 2010 on my wife’s Windows 7 laptop. I will try to put together some of the interesting features… This is nice. Much better than the Google Mail one and is starting to make more sense the more I use it. I […]

Office 2010 First run

I will need to be quick, I have a dentists appointment (arg!), but I could not leave without at least a peek at Office 2010, so Outlook being my weapon of necessity, that the choice: You can’s see it from a still, but those colours are dancing about, and I just caught a glimpse of […]