Active Directory Groups not Syncing with Team Foundation Server 2010

For a little while now I had been investigating an odd occurrence in Team Foundation Server. Users added to Active Directory groups have not been filtering back into the Team Foundation Server groups cache. The meant that we had to add users directly to Team Foundation Server in order to give them permission. While this […]

TFS Event Handler for Team Foundation Server 2010

I am looking at re-working the TFS Event Handler and I was hoping that you would help me decide what handlers to build! [Request an event handler] The original Event Handler sends emails when: A work item is assigned to you A work item that is assigned to you is reassigned to someone else A […]

The search for a single point of truth

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It may be a trivial matter to get your contacts on your phone, but if you do the social network thing, then you need to do a little jiggery pokery to get everything to sync so you have the same contacts everywhere. Over the last couple of weeks I have vowed to get them sorted. […]