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As you can see from my other posts, I seem to be having a problem putting code into the posts. I will persevere and see if I can get the hang of it, then fix the other posts… Technorati Tags: Misc 

Custom UI colour scheme for Windows Forms .NET

The easyest way to customise you display of your ToolStrip, MainMenu and StatusBar is to use a custom ColorTable. Just inherit from the ProfessionalColorRenderer and override what you want, with the colors you want: 1: Public Class MortgagesPlcColorTable 2: Inherits ProfessionalColorTable 3:   4: Public Overrides ReadOnly Property ButtonCheckedHighlightBorder() As System.Drawing.Color 5: Get 6: Return […]

Adding ToolStripPanel UI Adapter support to the Composite UI Application Block

I was very supprised to find that CAB did not support a higher level the the ToolStrip in its basic implementation. I resolved to solve this and I have added an adapter and factory for the ToolStripPanel initialy, but I have been having trouble with the ToolStripContainer. So, as my first post, here is the […]