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What is the most valuable thing you have learned through training people?

What is the most valuable thing you have learned through training people?

I’ve learned that no matter where you are in the world, everyone faces the same primary problems.

When organizations decide to adopt agile, often using an agile framework like scrum, everyone runs into the exact same teething problems.

As soon as you consider empiricism, that being transparency, inspection, and adaptation, you often find that people have to make a massive adjustment from traditional project management and transition from robust, rigid project management frameworks to agile values and principles.

People think that the walls they are bumping into are unique to their organization, their culture, their environment but as soon as they start scrum training, they quickly realise that everyone on the class, despite being from all around the world, are grappling with the same issues.

I train people from Asia Pacific, India, Scotland, Canada, South Africa, United Kingdom, and dozens of other territories around the world, so I know that these issues are common to every application.

I love the degree of engagement I get from multi-cultural, multi-geographically located students from around the world. As soon as I’m able to resolve their problem or address their concern with a path forward, people get super enthusiastic.

I love that about training, and I’m deeply grateful for my scrum practitioner and agile consulting experience that empowers me to help them through common and complex problems in their unique context.

Sometimes, when you are dealing with a single organization in a classroom, or even people from the same country, you get an echo chamber. People think that the problems they are experiencing are unique to their culture or organization, but as soon as we bring in delegates from around the world, everybody sees for themselves that these are universal issues.

Witnessing that sets people at ease and allows them to breathe. A solution is at hand. The problem has been encountered before and it has been resolved. There’s light at the end of the training tunnel.

People feed off the energy and experiences of others, from around the world, because they are receiving insight into challenges that they are likely to encounter. Receiving insights into how powerful scrum can be once you’ve worked through the teething issues in the environment.

That’s the value of globalization.

Regardless of the territory,

  • People are trying to create products that delight customers.
  • People are trying to solve complex problems.
  • People are trying to improve time to market.
  • People are trying to respond to competitor disruption.
  • People are trying to be more effective.

And so forth.

From London to Berlin and every other country I’ve been in, people are trying to do a great job in a way that delights their customers, their organization, and provides competitive advantage in the markets they serve.

That’s why Scrum is such a universally popular agile framework.

It’s proven itself in a myriad of applications, industries, and geographies.

The great thing about our digital, live delivery of scrum training is that people also get exposed to problems, challenges, and opportunities they would never have considered.

A developer in Mumbai may be dealing with the challenges of remote work in multiple territories, across multiple teams, where the developer in Glasgow may never have encountered anything outside of working in a small, 6-person team.

These shared experiences really bring home how powerful scrum can be, and how fit for purpose it is for product development despite an astonishing array of applications and territories.

So, if you’re struggling with a topic, challenge, or problem within your environment, join us for a scrum course and you will find the answers and experiments to run that you are looking for.

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