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No go zone for Agile consultants

No go zone for Agile consultants

Being an Agile Consultant Goes Beyond Being a Coach

A common mistake Agile Consultants make is to concentrate on the coaching aspect.  Sure, coaching is an important aspect, but only assuming that your client knows exactly what they need to change for success is a common pitfall. 🤔

The truth is, as an Agile Consultant, you need to teach and, occasionally, dictate, which some consultants may find hard to do.   

In other words, you’re not just a coach but also a mentor, a guide, and a leader.

You must encourage clients to try new ways of working to venture into unexplored territories.  This might mean being the voice that encourages a different approach, suggesting alternate paths. 🛤️

But sometimes, being an Agile Consultant can be tough.  💪

It’s not only about extending your income by letting an organisation cling to the same old methods.  It’s about accelerating their growth and paving the way for genuine, meaningful change. 🚀 

Let’s be honest, if you don’t make suggestions on different ways of doing things within an organisation, you may stay in that role longer, which means extending your income but being an Agile Consultant is all about helping the customer and not just making an income.

Whether you are new to Agile Consulting or want to level up your game, you’ll definitely be giving options and suggesting different ways to do things.  As an Agile Consultant, you will be encouraging these different ways and organisations.

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