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Most influential person in Agile for you personally. Part 1

Geronimo Pascal: A Inspiration in My Agile Journey

Although I have come across many influential people in Agile, I can say that it’s not every day that we cross paths with individuals who significantly influence our professional Agile and Scrum journey and therefore become the inspiration for our aspirations.  For me, that person is none other than Geronimo Pascal.

In fact, Geronimo was the first person in Spain to do Scrum.org and effectively shared his learnings from that entire experience with me and other PSTs in the community. 

He readily became that kind of beacon, sharing, caring, and looking forward to the future.  As well as trying to help fellow PSTs get at doing the stuff Scrum Masters do.

Geronimo built his own successful business and consulting network in Spain, and after achieving such success, he didn’t just stop there.  His commitment and passion to advancing a community of Agile practitioners stood out for me.  

He open-handedly shared his valuable insights and lessons from his experience with the rest of us, becoming a beacon of knowledge and inspiration for people in the Agile world. 📘

Geronimo’s vision for the future and his unwavering dedication to helping fellow Professional Scrum Trainers (PSTs) enhance their skills embody Agile’s essence  👨‍🎓

In the Agile world, where the spirit of ‘sharing and caring’ is fundamental, individuals like Geronimo Pascal inspire us to improve.  And in turn, I strive to do the same for those who join me on their Agile and Scrum learning journeys.

I invite you to step into the world of Agile with me, and together, let’s become the change catalysts our teams and organisations need. 🚀

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