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2024-04-05 11:36:18 -0500

Azure DevOps Migration Tools enable migrating work item changesets with cross project links from tfvc or git.

Migrate Changesets from TFVC to Git

For a successful migration of work items changesets from TFVC to Git you need a mapping file with ChangeSetId - CommitId values. If you have migrated your TFVC repository with git-tfs you can generate this file by using the following command. Then you need to add following line to the config json file:

“ChangeSetMappingFile”: “C:\git-tfs\ChangeSetId-to-CommitId\{mappingFile}”,

If your changesets contain cross project links make sure to update the “GitRepoMapping” configuration section.

Use Cases

Lets assume you have Project A with a TFVC repository and a Project B with Work Items, which changesets link to Project A. You wish to migrate Project A to a Git Repository in Project C and move the work Items including changesets from Project B to Project C and all changesets from Project B needs to move to the Git Repository of Project C. To achieve this follow the steps:

  1. Migrate your repository and make sure to create the mapping file.
  2. Edit the configuration file with following settings:

“GitRepoMapping”: {“A” :”C”,”B” :”C”}

  1. Run the migration with configuration file that contain

“ChangeSetMappingFile”: “C:\git-tfs\ChangeSetId-to-CommitId\{mappingFile}”,