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We provide a number of Processors that can be used to migrate diferent sorts of data.

Processors Status Target Usage
AzureDevOpsPipelineProcessor Beta Pipelines Azure DevOps Processor that migrates Taskgroups, Build- and Release Pipelines.
ProcessDefinitionProcessor Beta Pipelines Process definition processor used to keep processes between two orgs in sync
TfsAreaAndIterationProcessor Beta Work Items The TfsAreaAndIterationProcessor migrates all of the Area nd Iteraion paths.
TfsSharedQueryProcessor Beta Queries The TfsSharedQueryProcessor enabled you to migrate queries from one locatio nto another.
TfsTeamSettingsProcessor Beta Teams Native TFS Processor, does not work with any other Endpoints.
WorkItemTrackingProcessor missng XML code comments missng XML code comments This processor is intended, with the aid of ProcessorEnrichers, to allow the migration of Work Items between two Endpoints.

Processor Options

All processors have a minimum set of options that are required to run.

Minimum Options to run

The Enabled options is common to all processors.

      "ObjectType": "ProcessorOptions",
      "Enabled": true,
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