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These fieldMaps are provided to allow you to mondify the data as you do the migration.

Name Status Target Usage
FieldClearMapConfig ready Work Item

Allows you to set an already populated field to Null. This will only work with fields that support null.

FieldLiteralMapConfig ready Work Item Field

Sets a field on the target to b a specific value.

FieldMergeMapConfig ready Work Item Field

Ever wanted to merge two or three fields? This mapping will let you do just that.

FieldSkipMapConfig ready Work Item

Allows you to skip populating an existing field. Value in target with be reset to its OriginalValue.

FieldtoFieldMapConfig ready Work Item Field

Just want to map one field to another? This is the one for you.

FieldtoFieldMultiMapConfig ready Work Item Field

Want to setup a bunch of field maps in a single go. Use this shortcut!

FieldtoTagMapConfig ready Work Item Field

Want to take a field and convert its value to a tag? Done…

FieldValueMapConfig ready Work Item Field

Need to map not just the field but also values? This is the default value mapper.

FieldValuetoTagMapConfig ready Work Item Field

Need to create a Tag based on a field value? Just create a regex match and choose how to populate the target.

MultiValueConditionalMapConfig ready Work Item Field

??? If you know how to use this please send a PR :)

RegexFieldMapConfig ready Work Item Field

I just need that bit of a field… need to send “2016.2” to two fields, one for year and one for release? Done.

TreeToTagMapConfig ready Work Item Field

Need to clear out those nasty Area tree hierarchies? This creates Tags for each node in the Area Path…

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