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This documentation is for a preview version of the Azure DevOps Migration Tools. If you are not using the preview version then please head over to the main documentation.

Azure DevOps Migration Tools provides endpoints for reading and writing WorkItems, PlansAndSuits, Teams, or Queries.

Client WriteTo/ReadFrom Endpoint Data Target Description
AzureDevops.ObjectModel Tfs Object Model TfsWorkItemEndPoint WorkItems TBA
AzureDevops.Rest Azure DevOps REST ?    
FileSystem Local Files FileSystemWorkItemEndpoint WorkItems TBA

Endpoints Options

All Endpoints have a minimum set of options that are required to run.

Minimum Options to run

The Direction option is required to allow the system to set direction. At a minimum you need to set a Source.

      "ObjectType": "EndpointOptions",
      "Direction": "Source"
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