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The 90 Percenter



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Last Updated: Thu 9 May 2024 08:36

The 90 Percenter is frequently “almost done” with whatever they are working on. This may be a small task or a large one, but ultimately the 90 Percenter is a roadblock to the Team delivering to the Definition of Done and successfully an increment.

Examples of The 90 Percenter Behaviour:

  • Electing not to commit to new work
  • Working on fit and finish of a feature far beyond the Team’s current Definition of Done
  • Convincing Team members that “everything will be fine” when failure to complete work is pointed out
  • Frequent negotiations that attempt to lower the standard of Done for “just my feature”

Typical impact

  • Other Team members become blocked in finishing their own work Ultimately, the Team fails to deliver a Product Backlog Item or a Sprint Goal.

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