Agile Delivery Kit for Software Organisations


How to work in an agile way. This starter kit provides the strategies, recipes. workshops, technologies, practices, and guides that will help you and your people create a way of work that enables success.


Practices Overview



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Last Updated: Wed 25 Oct 2023 11:15

Additional practices, or strategies, are an important part this organizations DNA. The right practices will emerge over time, this means that while a practice may work today it may not work that well tomorrow. You will need to adapt, add, and create new strategies.

Not all practices work for all teams and finding the most effective bundle for any given moment is an art form. These practices represent both core practices that we are all aligned on, and complementary practices that context driven.


  • Site Reliability Engineering (SRE) - Site Reliability Engineering (SRE), part of the shift-left movement, focuses on creating a live site culture for your product.
  • Definition of Ready (DoR) - Definition of Ready can result in significant anti-patterns in teams.
  • Definition of Done (DoD) - Getting Started with the Definition of Done (DoD). Every team should define what is required, what criteria must be met, for a product increment to be considered releasable.


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