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The Eye Roller



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Last Updated: Wed 25 Oct 2023 11:15

The Eye Roller sees Scrum as unnecessary and vocally complains about using it, falling just short of refusing to participate. The Eye Roller does ultimately comply with Scrum rules, but doesn’t fail to let others on the Team know he or she feel it is stupid, dumb, or unworthy of them.

Examples of The Eye Roller Behaviour

  • Subversive one on one discussions with other Team members claiming that Scrum is not needed or is not solving existing problems.
  • Being late to events like Sprint Planning, the Daily Scrum, or Sprint Review.
  • Making derisive comments.
  • Being inattentive during Team discussions or planning.

Typical impact

  • General Team discomfort and lowered levels of trust.
  • Wasted time in conversations that occur over and over again.
  • The Team’s focus is drawn away from delivering an increment that meets the Sprint Goal.

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