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The Avoider



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Last Updated: Thu 9 May 2024 08:36

The Avoider uses the letter of their perceived law in their defence. “That’s not my job” is the classic Avoider statement. Avoiders often try to appear amiable and willing to participate as a member of a Team but balk when asked to participate outside their comfort zone.

Examples of Avoider Behaviour:

  • Responds with, “That’s not my job” when asked to perform an unfamiliar activity
  • Refuses to accept responsibility for his/her own work
  • Uses “I was just doing what I was told” as a response to negative feedback
  • Refuses to accept work that is new or unfamiliar

Typical impact

  • Team performance is ultimately dragged down due to the Team trying to accommodate the work the Avoider will do without complaint
  • Team members are repeatedly frustrated by the defense techniques of “I am doing what I am supposed to do.”
  • Team does not actually have a all competencies needed to deliver an increment.

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