3 reasons why you should level up your knowledge and skills?

Level Up Your Game: 3 Unbeatable Reasons to Enhance Your Skills As we all navigate our paths in the ever-evolving industry landscape, I often get asked, “What are the reasons one should constantly seek to enhance their knowledge and skills?” To me, the answer is crystal clear and can be encapsulated in a powerful principle, […]

Hardest part of becoming a professional Scrum Master?

Navigating the Journey to Professionalism in the Agile World If I were to pinpoint the toughest segment in the journey of evolving into a top-notch Scrum Master, it would unequivocally be the lack of peers embracing the ‘professional’ aspect wholeheartedly. 💼 Unfortunately, this key component and cornerstone of becoming a Scrum Master seems to be […]

Why do you trust Joanna to deliver Scrum.Org classes for NKD Agility?

A Tale of Expertise and Authenticity Today, I want to highlight a remarkable individual who is integral to the NKD Agility training team: Joanna. 🌟 Why do I trust her to deliver Scrum.Org classes for us? Well, let me take you through my thought process. Joanna’s Unique Blend of Skills Joanna is a trainer unlike […]

Reasons to do a PSPO-A Course in 60 Seconds

Step Up Your Game with the PSPO-A Course Today, I am here to share some good ‘reasons’ and golden insights into why enrolling in a PSPO-A course could be a game-changer for you, especially if you find yourself in the vibrant world of product management and aspire to deepen your skills therein. Here we go! […]

How is technology like AI changing the world we work in? 

How is Technology Like AI Changing the World We Work In?  In the tapestry of modern innovation, Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the most vibrant thread, intricately weaving itself into the very fabric of our professional lives. The transformation is profound, with AI reshaping not only what we do but how we do it. Here, we […]

Under employed – 30% upfront, balance when you are employed 

It’s Your Time to Shine: Pay 30% Up Front, Balance When You Land the Job  Have you ever felt like a race car stuck in traffic? 🏎️ You’ve got the horsepower – the skills, the degree, maybe even the experience – but somehow, you’re not zooming along the career highway as you should be. Welcome […]

Biggest contribution from a Product Owner that you know of 

When discussing the impactful role of Product Owners in Agile development, we often cite examples of those who’ve significantly turned the tide in their organisations. I’m talking about not just fulfilling roles but altering the very fabric of product management – these are the MVPs who redefine the game. 🌟  Crafting Agile Journeys: The Microsoft […]

How does a Scrum team decide on a Sprint goal? 

Deciphering the Sprint Goal Enigma 🎯   The Sprint goal is the North Star for any Scrum team – a beacon that guides the team’s efforts throughout the Sprint. But the million-dollar question remains: How does one conjure this all-important goal?   If you peek into the Scrum Guide, you might be led to believe it’s a […]

1 critical skill for a Scrum Master and why? 

The Art of Teaching in Agile 🎓  The world of Scrum is dynamic and ever-evolving, with success hinging on various skills and attributes. However, if we distil the essence of an effective Scrum Master down to a single critical skill, it stands out as clear as day: the ability to teach.  Why Teaching is Paramount […]