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7 deadly sins of Agile: Lust 

Unravelling the Lust of Agile: Why There’s No Quick Fix in Transformation 

In a world where rapid market evolution is the norm, many organisations find themselves facing the 70-year itch, desperately seeking a solution in Agile transformations.  

But is this desire a mere infatuation, an Agile lust, if you will? 🤔  

Let’s dive into why merely craving Agile isn’t enough and the importance of genuine commitment to the process. 

The 70-Year Itch in Organisations: 

  • 💡 The market has been evolving since the 1930s, drastically changing in the 1970s. 
  • 🔄 Many companies are only now realising the need for change. 
  • 🚀 They eye Agile methodologies as a coveted solution. 

The Misdirected Lust for Agile: 

  • 💭 Organisations often desire Agile as a quick fix, an instant solution. 
  • 🛑 This approach overlooks the need for deep understanding and adaptation. 
  • 🌐 The error lies in seeking to ‘purchase’ Agile, rather than cultivating it organically. 

The Illusion of Easy Agile Transformation: 

  • 🏢 Big firms often bring in top consultants to implement Agile. 
  • 🔍 However, these transformations often miss the unique context of the organisation. 
  • 👁️‍🗨️ There’s a gap between what’s needed and what’s delivered. 

Building Your Unique Agile Path: 

  • ✨ Every organisation must develop its own Agile journey. 
  • 🔄 This process requires effort, time, and energy – it’s not a plug-and-play model. 
  • 🛠️ Adaptation and customisation are key to genuine Agile integration. 


The allure of Agile transformation is strong, but it’s not a one-size-fits-all solution. Organisations must resist the temptation to lust after off-the-shelf Agile models. Instead, the focus should be on a tailored approach, considering unique organisational cultures and goals.  

The true essence of Agile lies in its ability to adapt – and that requires more than just surface-level desire. It demands commitment, experimentation, and a willingness to evolve. 

Key Takeaways: 

  • 🤔 Understand that Agile is not a quick fix; it’s a journey. 
  • 🌱 Cultivate an Agile mindset that aligns with your organisation’s unique needs. 
  • 🚀 Embrace the process of learning, adapting, and growing in your Agile journey. 

Agile transformation isn’t about lusting after a trendy methodology; it’s about building a framework that resonates with the ethos of your organisation. It’s a path of discovery, learning, and, most importantly, embracing change from within. 🌟