MSDN Roadshow UK 2007



I have been very lazy of late with my blogging. But I am now getting a spurt so I thought I should mention that I attended the Roadshow at the Glasgow Science Center.

I though it would be boring, but apart from one session, it was very good. Two of the speekers realy stood out. The first was Daniel Moth who spoke at length about Linq in an enthusiastic mannor. He thinks he talks fast, and alway warns audiences before he starts, but he was just about the right speed for a Glasgow audience (if you have been to Glasgow you will know what I mean). Bit faster next time Daniel, then you will not be pushed for time…

The other was Mike Taulty, who is IMO one of the best speekers I have ever heard. He kept me rivited to what for most people is very boring content.

I knew before it started that these guys were good as I had watched them at the Vista launch.

If you get a chance to get to the roadshow, then do so…

Resources from the Roadshow

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