Visual Studio 2012 Launch RoadShows around the World

Unless you have been living under a rock you might have noticed a little launch event recently. Well to complement the launch Microsoft is running a bunch of Visual Studio 2012 Launch RoadShows in the UK and USA. Well now its time to take that launch on the road.

Coffee Talk: Scrum versus Kanban

I am doing a free session this Friday with Steven Borg to help folks understand the differences between Scrum and Kanban and where each fit. This will be an introductory […]

Free training at Northwest Cadence

Even though I have only been at Northwest Cadence for a short time I have already done so much. What I really wanted to do was let you guys know […]

Developer Day Scotland

  The Developer Developer Developer event held at Glasgow Caledonian University (my University) yesterday was excellent. Kudos to Colin Angus Mackay and the other organisers for all of the effort […]

MSDN Roadshow UK 2007

I have been very lazy of late with my blogging. But I am now getting a spurt so I thought I should mention that I attended the Roadshow at the […]